Cant access MC

Lothos Riftwalker does not give me the prompt to enter MC… the only thing I could figure is that maybe its because I am only lvl 52? am i missing something here?

That might be it. But I don’t know enough about it to say for sure. I didn’t find Molten Core until I was already level 62, and I only went looking after. I wandered into another raid by accident. Was wandering about, looking for treasures. Saw the green swirl and went “Oh, green is good!” And then I was in a raid.

Are you in Chromie time?

You should be able to enter at level 30, but a level 30 certainly couldn’t solo it.

You can run in. You don’t have to be ported.

This is quite possibly it, I’ve had experience with some instances being disabled for characters in chromie time.

Characters in Chromie time cannot enter raids or heroic or mythic dungeons.

does he give that prompt to everyone now?

back in “the olden days” you had to do the lil attunement before he’d port you in.

I learned that the hard way lol. I went all the way to Ahn’Qiraj Temple on my Mage to work on my tmog and it wouldn’t let me in. Had to go all the way back to Stormwind to get out of Chromie time, but then it worked fine.

youre right thank you. i was in chromie time