Cannot vote in mount poll

I’m on the US one, and I just keep getting the “can’t vote because you can’t post in this topic”


Same problem here :frowning:

Edit: Oh wait it’s probably because I’m not subscribed right now?

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Oh, I’m not either… That would be a terrible reason…

Not subbed, also can’t vote. Seems to be a pattern.

However… it says “Closed 10 hours ago” for me. shrug

I can’t vote either I have purchased Shadowlands but when I select a vote it just goes to the Forum Support page.


Yup, also not subbed and cant vote. Guessing we would need to subscribe if we wish to vote on the poll…

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Have the pre-order. Currently not subbed though. Can’t vote :frowning: So rude Bilz!

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Same. I’m Oceanic and it seems they have purposely left us out altogether!

Participating in General Discussion forum has always required active game time.

The poll is in General Discussion.

Therefore, the poll requires active game time. NOTABUG Working As Designed.

Surely, you don’t want the poll to be flooded by non-subscribing trolls? Even if you have every intention of adding game time later, how would the system know?

You can vote after you add game time, assuming the poll is still open at that time.


I have pre-ordered, Am subscribed also but cant vote. Im in NZ. Maybe only reserved for USCA. (united states of covid america)

If your game time just renewed, the forums may not know that yet. Log out of the forums and back in to give it a nudge.

Which, AFAIK, should be able to participate in the US forums, since Oceania is rolled into that.

My friend said he isn’t subbed either yet he was able to vote but I can’t (and I dont have a sub either currently). Kind of confused, not sure if it’s a bug or if it’s because we aren’t subbed?

I’m subscribed and had this same problem. I found a work around. Log out of everything;,, and the forums. Then log back in. This worked for me and I was able to vote. Worth a shot for anyone else having the same issue. :heart:


Ummm, I’m talking in the General Discussion Forms without active game time. So yes, it is a bug.


I am in the US, own Shadowlands, and am also subscribed and I cannot vote either.


its insane because i just subbed to test it for whatever reason lol and i still cannot vote… annoying

If you just added game time, the forums don’t always get the message immediately. In that case, logging out of the forums and back in often nudges the forums into refreshing its understanding of your account status.

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Well maybe the fact that I’m active on and off since 2006 means I’m probably not a troll

That’s fair, but the Forums don’t know anything about that. Either you currently have game time, or you do not.