Cannot get to Nazjatar, Cannot Quest in Nazmir

Realm: Garrosh
Name: Kelnis

I have WoW Dragonflight. I am working through the BFA quest line. I have already united Kul Tiras, but I cannot get the quest to get to Nazjatar and I need to go there in order to complete my leather working and blacksmithing for Kul Tiras.

Also, I am having a problem where I cannot pick up any of the lower quests in Nazmir. I cannot seem to get any of them even though I am at a location where I should see them. I am not able to click on them, for example, the quests offered by Kajosh.

I believe there is a quest to trigger the portal for nazjatar. its a boat chase cinematic. where azshara opens the water under us and horde and alliance fall to the ocean floor. For horde i think it was on the dock in the troll city, so might be in a similar spot on the alliance side.