Cannot find Tess Greymane to start the quest Finishing the Job

After completing the artifact weapon quests for Subtlety and Outlaw specs, I completed the quest The Final Blade from Lord Jorach Ravenholdt. As soon as I completed that, Tess Greymane disappeared and I cannot start the quest to obtain the Assassination artifact weapon. I checked my Follower Missions and she is not on a mission, in fact, I don’t even have her as a Champion.


I’ve encountered a similar issue, but on the Legionfall campaign trying to get her as a champion. I’ve completed the Order Hall campaign and Legionfall campaign stuff up until I’m supposed to get her as a champion. She is simply not there. On my mini map I see the assassination weapon quest but I can’t pick it up because she is not there. For me, she is on Broken shore standing where you get the previous Legionfall quest that leads to her being a champion. I can’t interact with her at all.

Could really use a Blizzard response. It appears Tess is bugged for some people.

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Running into the same exact issue as of yesterday on my rogue alt. I’ve opened a ticket and am waiting for a response.

I am having the same issue, I submitted the ticket and I got a generic response back. A “go look online for your issue”, kind of response. I completed my entire class hall questline, picked up the “Champions of Legionfall” questline, and finished it all up until “Meld into the Shadows” and she is just not there. She’s standing at Aalgen point in Broken Shore and I can’t interact with her at all. I can’t find anything online. This was the only thing I found that had any relation to my issue at all. This is the last class hall mount I need, and it’s frustrating. I did got my warrior’s this week and only had to finish my class hall quest line to get the quest to pop up for my class hall mount, I still haven’t finished the Breaching the Tomb on that toon.

Yeah I got a similar “go look on Wowhead” response from a GM who also claimed I did my Breaching the Tomb progress on another toon when I clearly had it done up until Champions on my Rogue as well. They didn’t even bother to check or look into anything. Pretty underwhelming service tbh.

I even exhausted all the Legion/Order hall questlines to make sure some weird phasing wasn’t going on. Oh well, at least we know it’s a bug now and in blizzard’s hands.

I just read that it was a hotfix that was just done a couple days ago, and now she doesn’t show up. Let’s hope they fix that quickly. I did not give a good review on the survey they asked me to take after submitting the ticket.

I also can’t find her and don’t have her as a champion.
I picked a bad time to run a bunch of new characters through legion’s class halls. So many are/were bugged due to the 9.2.5 patch.

Adding my hat to the ring… I just finished the Sub Rogue artifact quest having already completed Outlaw. I heard Tess’ voiceline, but she disappeared. I don’t have her as a champion so she’s not on any missions. Just flat out disappeared. No way to pick up the quest otherwise. Kind of regret not doing hers first. :frowning:

I’m running into the same problem, have everything completed just need to talk to Tess and she is nowhere to be found. Hope they fix this soon.

Same issue here, have been on a back-and-forth discussion with GMs on a ticket and they are just giving me generic or plain wrong replies. Hope it gets fixed soon!

Same here for all of the weapons.