Cannot Contact Customer Support

Have you tried a different browser? Have you tried clearing your browser’s history, cache, and cookies? That error message is pretty generic and usually doing one or both of those things can solve it.


Just to touch on this, the support website is designed the way it is to make sure you are getting the exact help you need. Only certain things are available to use Live Chat or a callback.

It was actually terrible design to allow anyone to call a number for any reason. It wasted time to answer calls and have to direct them to a different place, and it wastes a customer’s time to sit on hold only to be directed to a different place.


Unlike me wasting my time for hours trying to resolve the same issue for 2 days now? Not to worry, I just canceled my account. I guess Blizzard would rather their customers spin their wheels on forums and live chat then to actually resolve the issues their customers have. This never used to be this way. The GMs back in the day were actually helpful. Oh well. I am done with spending time on this.

You still haven’t mentioned what your issue is. It’s possible that it’s being submitted in the wrong place or it’s an issue that Blizzard can’t actually resolve, and we can help direct you. What is the problem that you’re having that necessitates a ticket?

This is a player-to-player help forum, so complaining about not being able to submit a ticket without explaining what the issue is doesn’t accomplish much in that regard. :frowning:


Wait, so the customer support forum, where I posted this, is a player to player support forum? I posted this here for Blizzard to see and if what you are saying is true that this is a player to player support forum then that is like the inmates are running the asylum. Again, if this is true, why would Blizzard have customers helping other customers? I hope you get paid for your work.

Think of it like a helpdesk with some moderation from the Support Forum Agents.

Players are encouraged to ask questions, share advice, provide feedback and participate in on-going discussions on the Customer Support forum. Accordingly, it is of utmost importance that all players treat each other with respect and courtesy. For more information, please review the Forum Code of Conduct and the Forum Guidelines below.

From Welcome to the Customer Support Forum!

I hang out here because I like to help people and I know WoW reasonably well. Nothing that I do here is anything like what a real CS rep would do, so of course I don’t get paid for it.

That aside, what is the core issue that you originally contacted about?


As has been mentioned, live chat is the same as the call back feature. You are speaking to a Blizzard Rep in both cases. The only difference is that live chat is text based and call back is voice based. If live chat can’t assist you then there is a very high chance that call back can’t assist either. Getting someone on the phone isn’t going to really change the answer.

However since you won’t actually tell anyone what your issue is there isn’t really anything anyone can do here.


Where to start.

Personal experience. I have never had any issues with Blizzard personally. Even when it took multiple tickets to resolve, a hearty apology would accompany it. The SFAs and regulars here have helped me more than once with an issue, blindly. I think this forum goes above and beyond.

As to the ability to create a ticket you may be having an issue because it may not be something a GM has the ability to help with.

As I am sure has already been said, haven’t read rest yet, what is the issue. Perhaps we can help.


You know what. Having knowledge in cell providers here, I am betting the callback service is a VOIP service. I wonder if your provider is automatically blocking it, as I k ow of at least one major one that does. Mine says Span likely in the caller ID when this happens, but like j said I know of a provider that actively blocks some of these.

This may be the issue. Food for thought.


I’m not entirely certain why the call would have gone straight to voice mail, Stolie, that really isn’t something that we’d have control over.

As for your issue, I’m afraid your request was denied. While I understand your frustration about the answer provided, that is the only answer we are able to give based on the circumstances.

If you wish to get into details as to why you were requesting a refund I am happy to provide them, but the “issue” that is still going on, as you claim, is part of the game.

To be clear, customer support is not lacking simply because we have to say no to some requests. We have policies and procedures in place that guide our Game Masters on what to do in specific situations. In this case, granting a refund is based on specific criteria, which is not applicable here. Sorry.


No, your customer support is lacking because it is frustrating and nearly impossible to navigate. You have set up a system with constant dead ends and circular responses. This is not how it used to be and that is why people get frustrated.

There are certainly some that feel that way, Phaidra, but that isn’t the case for most. Looking into your recent ticket history the majority of what I’m seeing is simply a statement of “I want to speak to a GM”. While our staff would like nothing more to speak to everyone, it usually is unnecessary and often takes more time, which in turn prevents us from helping more folks.

If you are having trouble submitting a ticket, perhaps if you can give us a better idea of what your issue is we can help.

Though, delving deeper into your ticket history it seems that many of your contacts appear to be about game content and not actually anything that a Game Master can help with. Even if they were to talk to you directly.

Game Masters are not Developers, they have zero involvement in the creation or direction of the game. That is why you are directed to post on the forums. That is where feedback/suggestions would go if you wish to let the developers know that you dislike something about the game. Posting constructively there, providing specifics on what you dislike and how you would like to see something work differently is the best way to get those discussions noticed and taken into consideration.

Keep in mind, our Devs rarely will post on the forums in response, that is not what they are there for and doing so can impact ongoing discussions. However, not posting does not equate to not reading and not taking into consideration.


Whether you think it is unnecessary or not is irrelevant. If all the customer is asking is to speak to someone then it should be possible without jumping through a bunch of hoops or navigating a maze of websites that often lead you to dead ends.

I’m sorry, Phaidra, but while we provide customer support for our game there is no guarantee on what form that support takes. Asking for something doesn’t guarantee that you will be granted it, especially considering you seem to be demanding the ability to discuss game content with our GMs, which isn’t at all what they are there for.


Keep in mind, our Devs rarely will post on the forums in response, that is not what they are there for and doing so can impact ongoing discussions. However, not posting does not equate to not reading and not taking into consideration.

Yes, but not posting and not changing anything certainly makes the customers feel like they are being ignored. Check out the Warlock forums and see how many different posts have been made about Affliction Warlocks since the beginning of BfA. Then see that there are ZERO blue responses in the entire group and that is why people get frustrated and leave the game.

And if Blizzard tried to make even half of the “suggestions” that players make about classes happen the game would be a complete broken mess that no one would ever be able to play. Just because people make a post about something doesn’t mean that it is a good idea, or would fit into the game. Nor does it take into account the time and money it would take to implement an idea.

There are literally hundreds of examples of things that were put into the game because players asked for it. Again not everything posted on the forums is a good idea or able to be placed into the game.


Not making certain changes does not mean the customer is “ignored”, the development team works for the good of the game as a whole, not every individual customer will have the same end goal, but development works to try to keep a middle ground.

Most class issues are based on individual experiences, with out understanding the game is balanced around a group game, so when you mention one class and one one specialization, you have to understand the team has to work for all classes, all specs, and balance them around a game based on group play.

Not every issue is going to get a blue response, that is not what the forums are for, it is for the players to discuss the game with other players. Not being able to open a ticket about that won’t help either as much as you wish to discuss the state of the game via a ticket, GM staff can’t help you.


Any feedback is looked into, bug reports always investigated. Whether or not it is posted about.


The problem with this is that when that happens the Devs posting in thread #15456421 distracts from any and all other threads on that particular forum to the point that they get drowned out in the ‘OMG A BLUE !’ response that happens, It’s better to just read and not reply ever.


No, that someone who responded would be bombarded with a lot of replies demanding their issue also be responded to, not actually discuss the issue at hand.

Again, player to player discussion.