Cannot Choose 'BFA' as Leveling Campaign for Zandalari Troll?

Was this intentional? I could continue the Battle for Azeroth storyline on my Vulpera after doing the Mission Statement quest (skipping scenario and portaling to Zandalar because I had already done it); but when I hopped onto my fresh Zandalari toon, he could portal over but the Scouting Map would not let him select the quest to speak with Talanji to continue BFA.

Is this intentional because they have “early access” to Zandalar due to their race and needing the loa statues and stuff? Or was it an oversight? Just kind of odd that it only affects them and not the Vulpera who are also from the Zandalar zones.

I’m not having that problem. I rolled up a new Zandalari Troll, turned in the quest outside the Orgrimmar Embassy, and accepted the quest to go to the Command Board. I skipped the Command Board, went straight to the portal to Zandalar, and ran up to the Scouting Map. Zuldazar was the only zone I could select, but I was able to select it & then talk to the Princess to get the next quest to talk to the King.

Tried it again, this time accepting & turning in the Mission Statement quest, still was able to get started in Zuldazar.

Weird; I know people were having issues with Zandalari and the Vulpera not having access to Zandalar an Volduun respectively – but for me, I would literally spawn in - go to Command Board, ignore it and pick up Mission Statement - skip the scenario and port to Zandalar - and the scouting map is selectable but there are no ’ ! ’ on any zone and I cannot talk to Talanji.

Ultimately ended up just taking them to Pandaland and yet - my Vulpera and Goblin could start BFA just fine.