Cancer server - Terrible community. Don't transfer here

The community on this server is horrible. Couple of OCD people with some serious anti-social problems having all their guildies abuse the report system. Ask for a group in the LOOKING FOR GROUP channel + they all send in reports.

Bunch of tryhards afriad of a little competition over server firsts and what not + making life miserable for everyone else.

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Sorry you had a bad experience. Group of friends and I came here a couple weeks ago. For the most part we have had a good experience. The server as a whole isn’t cancer I understand you didn’t have a good experience but dragging down the whole server is not the way.

You’re horde.

Kill every alliance you see. Horde is a different story. The alliance is a busted gas station toilet that overflowed & is coming out the door. Grief the alliance. They’re toxic as hell.

Huh, I can honestly say I haven’t seen ANYTHING like this on the Alliance side.

Heck, even when we have these recent weird PVP BGs that makes Alliance fight Alliance due to lack of Horde, there still seems to be a lot of joviality.

Honestly, I heard that the alliance side of the server is toxic as hell, we still have some problems Horde side, but yeah…

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I’m speaking as someone who pugs A LOT.

I’ve found the attitudes on the server to be really good in general on the Alliance side. There are the typical problems you encounter else where like a language barrier here and there, but I don’t see people flipping out over small things like a bad pull or what not. If ANYTHING, I’ve been the biggest a$$hat I’ve met on OB alliance and I’m not one to prone to being an a$$hat, but I will call out crummy behavior when I see it.


just transferred last night and ran 2 dungeons after getting picked up on the LFG tool. everything was cool. no complaining or toxicity. hope it gets better for you. =)