Cancel culture

Screenshots of text messages between all affected parties during the dates mentioned is.
It’s actually admissible in any court, so yes I am calling it evidence. But that’s not my battle to fight.

Yeah, I haven’t seen the forums this…intense, for awhile. But with controversy comes debate, and with debate comes flared emotions so here we are. It definitely is best for Blizzard to lie low right now.

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Why are you so keen to protect someone who’s obviously a p#dophile instead of just believing the multiple 13-16-year-old girls who have chat logs to prove he’s scum?


Because that’s not how civilized people deal with things, if you don’t want Law and Order go live in the jungle.


You’re right, Forums have been… a very accurate reflection of the outside world if Im honest. It seems this entire year has been one discourse after another and GD hasn’t missed a single beat. Best thing is to let it happen. People need the outlet.

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To be fair they need to start sticking to their own rules…

allowing certain topics on GD that has nothing to do with WoW, but disallowing others is pretty hypocritical. All these threads about Method or any of the allegations should be in off topic. Method might be a guild in WoW, but what happened has absolutely nothing to do with WoW.


In your opinion. I find it very disconnected from what is happening in the world.

Secluded in your basement playing a video game doesnt make you an expert in world affairs.

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We are only halfway through. 2020 is great, isn’t it? :stuck_out_tongue:


To put it in a real point of view, If I where to say you did some horrible things to me, And you got fired for it lost friends because of it even though it was all false how would you feel?


They’re a WoW guild, so technically that DOES pertain to WoW. Just calling it as I see it. The debates going on in those threads, however, are probably well past the point of no return.

Then I would say with no disrespect that you live under a rock. The Hong Kong incident, the coronavirus, the blm, now this, all of it is literally what is being amplified in the outside world, and has been for the last year.

How do you find it disconnected? Maybe I misunderstood what you said.

I never said I or anyone was an expert. Nor do I seclude myself in a basement…

Agreed. Because as always it’s going to go off topic and end up being a flamefest of insults being thrown around.

“Cancel culture” has always existed. Conservatives just gave it a modern name because it kept happening to people they like.

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True, but never quite like it has over the last few years.

And ignored when it happens to a liberal they like. Or explained away.


Stories like that are very, very rare. 2%.

Imagine this: You have your bodily autonomy taken away from you in a nightmare of a night that you can’t escape from, leaving you with a life of dealing with trauma. A face, voice, name, and smell triggers your PTSD. You have to relive the event telling the story to the police, who can’t find proof and drop the case. You are brave enough to tell his company, who shrug you off and cover it up. Your life is ruined while he is living on like it never happened. You eventually relive the story again in the public eye, but you’re scolded and told that it didn’t happen.

That’s a 98% more likely story.

How are those sexual assault allegations against Joe Biden going?


Is it murder, or is it just the repercussions of being a potential witch back in the day?


Comment Crits for over 9,000! Yikes! :joy:


Ok, im not talking about the Method situation im speaking in general.

Look at what happened to Johnny Depp

Look at what happened to jenna Marbles.

Look at the Swifty Situation his is literally allegations from a known Alcoholic liar and Aggressor.

I know how ptsd works thank you, But the point is people deserve a fair trial regardless of what others thing companies don’t need to get involved until the trial happens. They can simply say we are waiting for further information, as well as going to post pone any events involving said parties. Once the truth comes out then they should do whatever needs to be done.