Can you weaken Baa'l for others after obtaining him?


I sure hope this is the right board for this.

After spending a few hours finding all the damn pebbles, WoWHead had the courtesy to inform me about her afterwards instead of up front.
Frustrated at the prospect of spending several more hours getting her and doing her questline, and reading that it might not necessarily have to be YOUR Uuna that’s summoned, I asked a guildmate that already had him to come back to the crater and summon his Uuna. After trying a few resummons, she still never did anything and my Baa’l was never “calmed”.
If someone’s already finished Baa’ls ‘questline’ and has obtained him, can they still summon Uuna and have her nerf other people’s goats, or does it have to be yours or someone else’s that’s at the same stage?


" Baa’l will be initially very empowered and nearly impossibly to defeat. However, he can be weakened by someone summoning a complete Uuna battle pet. Invoking Uuna will weaken Baa’l for everyone in the volcano for 15 minutes.

To learn how to obtain Uuna and completely equip her, making her able to weaken Baa’l, check our Uuna’s Storyline - A Dark Place guide! After weakening Baa’l,
he should be easily defeatable by any level 25 pet. Defeating Baa’l in a pet battle will award you with Baa’ls Darksign, which will teach you how to summon him!"

  • Wowhead guide to Baa’l


I read the guide, but it doesn’t clarify if people that have already obtained Baa’l and can no longer see him can still summon their Uuna effectively for those that haven’t.

Edited the title to be more clear about what I’m asking.

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My understanding from reading a few different places is that if you have already collected baa’l, you can no longer weaken the pet battle version of it for anyone else.

Kind of stinks… but hey, my upgraded uuna never did weaken him anyway. After many attempts, she finally did the proper emotes, and told me to fight him, but he never weakened. I parked the toon there and checked back every few hours, until I found him already weakened by someone else.

Also heard that you cant defeat him in his buffed state and get the pet. He must be weakened to award the pet after winning.

Do you have uuna at all? if so upgrading isnt terrible just time consuming. took way longer to get her to drop from the many faced devoured…


I don’t, which is why I was kinda hoping I wouldn’t have to go through the process of getting her, but I guess I’ll have to. Thanks for the heads up!


I’ve spent hours to do all the prerequisites to get Baa’l unlocked and then to outfit Uuna for her one and only job and then she doesn’t wanna weaken him. Very frustrating. If this is indeed bugged, Blizzard, please fix it. Several people have mentioned its bugged for several months.


If anyone has Baa’l unlocked and has the gastropod shell toy I would appreciate it if you could come kill him with the toy as it re-sets him making it possible for uuna to weaken him like she is supposed to if anyone has the toy and has Baa’l unlocked please whisper me @ cottoncandyx-Korgath thanks a lot if anyone see’s and replys to this!


use a toy called “gastropod shell”, and have jerry the snail walk over baal, it will kill him and reset him , at which point uuna works. i came here for the question of can i still weaken him if i caught him, which was answered also