Can you still find the Elusive Quickhoof in Dragonflight 10.1

I have spent weeks looking non-stop for this mount and have not come across it once. Can you even still get it at this point anymore???

Pretty sure you can. I recall getting mine in Shadowlands.

There was a macro on WoHead that helps you find all of the spawn points. Should be in the comment section under the mount.

Yeah there is but the only problem is that the comments are 2 years old, and while I have search high and low at all the spawn points you can find it at, I still have not seen to spawn once. I spent 4-5 hours in multiple locations to see if it will eventually show up and it never did.

Yeah it takes time.

I searched for a long while before I found it. You have to remember other people are still searching and they don’t report it in chat. You might have missed it already.

I contributed to building that macro, so I know it works. I used it to find mine.