Can you pls remove recommend classes for the races

I want night elf priest, not human
Human mage, not blood elf
Human or blood elf warlock, not undead or gnome
Worgen druid, not night elf
Orc shaman, not troll, tauren
Night elf, blood elf hunter, not dwarf
Human paladin, not draenei
Dwarf warrior, not only orc
Undead rogue, not goblin
The only class and race i want is pandaren monk

Every time i tried to create all thiese races with thise classes i listed always the recommend classes for the races. Stop it recommend, i like to create the class and the race i want. But why? That make angry that i want my priestess of Elune to be a night elf priestess not a human priest

I creating my own heroes you know.
Like priestess of the moon is priest not druid
Archmage, blood mage is mage not priest
Same for the paladin
Mountain king is warrior not hunter
Ranger is hunter not mage for blood elf
Lich is mage not warlock
Far seer is shaman not warrior
Only blademaster is warrior
Beastmaster is hunter not warrior
Shadow hunter is both shadow priest and hunter not shaman
Tauren chieftain is warrior not shaman
Only pandaren brewmaster is brewmaster monk
But i focused more on the priestess of the moon as a priest

When you go to the character creation screen it has to land on something. How is the game supposed to know what you want to make before you make it?

Otherwise, again… this is not the proper forum for feedback. Do what Nok suggests here.

Nowhere on the character selection screen is there a recommendation.
It just displays one of the available options in order to have a place to start.

You are seriously over thinking the implications of having to click your mouse two or three times to compensate for a game that can’t read your mind.

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watch this video that i make it by myself using my phone’s camera to show you why i dont like specifc races for the classes. and this is what i meant by recommend. is it ok that is not clearly for you to watch my video

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The creation screen is not a recommendation. As Nok said it has to show something. Just because you might not like a class/race combo doesn’t mean that others don’t like that combo. You select the race, then the class you want to play of that race. You’re not stuck with what shows up first. If you don’t like a combo, don’t play it, select the one you want to play.

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Thanks. No wonder. I am confused whether it is a combo or a recommend. I always thought it is a recommend from Bizzard. Did you watch my video Chirona?

A few seconds of it, you were just clicking through the races. I didn’t have sound on though because I was listening to something else.

The selection screen is going to be updated with Shadowlands, but that’s a few months off. The same basic tenant will persist though, you select what you want, others select what they want.

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