Can you fix my minion?

I know I’m not the only one who has noticed this but I haven’t seen anything about a fix . my pet on an unholy dk is as much a part of my class as hunters pets are to them meaning they have a full move bar and all. I don’t know when it happen but I Rember having problems with it back in shadowlands .no it’s not something I’m doing nor do i work for blizzard or should have to figure out macros to make him work the way he had been before whatever happened .like the minion not spawning at all on landing from flight or in any pvp he just stands there unless you press his attack button we have enough buttons to push on this class why does he not auto attack my main target ? and I don’t know if anyone knows this if that main minion just stands there all the others you summon do what he does so if he isn’t attacking, they don’t either. it’s been I know a problem for I don’t know ever like all the other buggy garbage in this expansion please fix this it’s part of my class not some stupid transmog or something that doesn’t matter on this class that pet is some of your direct damage ganna need him to do what he use to without macros I don’t get paid anything to have to make those nor should i have to look up a fix that doesn’t work more than half the time . don’t need comments cause i really do not care what other people talk about this is affecting my game play personally so i brought it up . i know I’m not the only one.