Can you add sockets to engineer Helmets and Bracers?

Can you add a Socket to Engineer Helmets/goggles??

Zero info about this.

Im curious about this as well. Seems like nobody knows :eyes:

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Yes, you can add a socket to the bracers. Unsure on the helmet, but I would surprised if you couldn’t.

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If it work on bracer it should work on helm too

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Confirmed!! I just socketed my Engineer Helm.

Be warned, recrafting LOOKS LIKE it removes the socket, but I have not confirmed this.

it shouldnt remove it however since its a tinker item it may but out and remove the socket

If there is a way, it’s unknown, and not documented anywhere Nothing searching the internet. Beta maybe?
There’s nothing in the crafting book, or AH.
There is a blurb in specialization, that you can make bracers with sockets for use by “anyone”, but this seems completely false. There’s only one we can craft, and it’s BoP, so not for “anyone” and not sellable, also it’s the whole bracer, not adding sockets.
Nothing in tinkering, or anywhere.
So, if someone is finding something I’m missing, and it’s NOT beta, but live, then please tell us where EXACTLY.
Maybe I’m just not seeing it.

What the blurb means here is that anyone can request a bracer from an engineer via crafting orders, including non-engineers, and equip it. Only engineers can equip the goggles.