Can we NE Druid players please get Druid form Similar to Malfurion?

hi wow team,

Thanks for all the update and keeping up the morale in in the toughest times. I just have a small request, can we have a NE druid form that is similar to Malfurion?


Doesn’t need to be exact, but same model, different hair colour, different rune colour with horns like the model, basically the exact cool model with colour variations based on the player characters colour choice.

This game is about expressing and role playing and many NE payers would love to have this model as this is very lore friendly and very simple and effective looking.

Please consider this request, you can maybe lock this behind a class achievement or add it part of heritage armor for NE.

Kindly consider this request, before this expac ends as this will be a another nice goal for players to acheive.