Can we make Deep Breath less buggy?

  • Frequently, I find I’m unable to use Deep Breath due to some small rock, pillar, wall, or other obstacle mildly clipping the green airstrip marker for this ability.

  • Sometimes, I aim Deep Breath into a tunnel or hallway and it clips the ceiling of the structure I am trying to enter, and then I fly backwards or sideways.

  • Additionally, I aim it right behind the enemy I want to attack so I can quickly capitalize on the Stun from Deep Breath, but, quite often, my character decides to fly to Africa, and by the time I am back in range to use my burst, the Stun is over.

As someone who PvPs, this is massively frustrating because I’m losing valuable opportunities to cross-cc a team, net a kill, or get away from attackers.

If we could change the functionality to be more like Flying Serpent Kick, that’d be great. Let me manually aim the spell in the direction I want to go, but also click it again to end it early.


I still have it occasionally happen where you just leap into the air and go nowhere, stunning yourself for 3+ seconds while you’re unable to do anything


You didn’t even mention the bug where you’ll enter the wind-up animation and then just get stuck for 5+ seconds, unable to move or press anything. Happens to me at least 5% of the time.

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Deep breath, breath of eons, dream flight… they feel so bad to use.
Many times I have used one of these only to get deleted by mechanics on the ground, or some random mob fixate. The LOS problems are awful. Many times I’ll cast a dream flight only for it to try and path to something on the ceiling and then never go off. Or deep breath won’t cast because of a few rocks.

I wish they worked more like landslide.

Does anyone else have the issue where your deep breath goes further than it should when using a cursor macro?