Can we keep our characters names after we choose?

If we choose to send a character to Classic, will we have a window of time to make a new character in TBC with the same name? Or will the name be available to someone else instantly?

Even the reverse of that.

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They said in the blizzcon panel there will be a fair grace period where your name is held for you.

i imagine there will he at least 4000 Legolas that are gonna complain they lost their names


A more likely concern from what they’ve described is that your character might block you from using the name again. The way they described it, the character will show up in both the Classic and Burning Crusade games, but whichever one you didn’t choose will be locked unless you choose to clone it. (I’m sort of imagining like you see with high level character on a retail account without a sub, but that’s just speculation.) I would assume you could delete said character, but that would also likely prevent you from ever cloning them over.

Basically, there still seem to be a lot of questions around some of the details.

Since realm tags are now popping up when we use the in-game mail system, we might be seeing some connected realms. You’ll be able to keep your name that way.

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