Can we get upright undead?

We’ve got upright orcs now, can undead get the same treatment?




Undead need to stand upright! Being undead doesn’t automatically give one scholiosis.


Upright Undeads are something I can get behind.

/brow wiggle


We need upright trolls

They’d be terrifying


I know this is old but it does show a little love for this. :+1:


Yup, please go bump this thread.


They need to add a chiropractor within the barber shop


In a tux, top hat and cane.

Singing Hello my Dolly

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Please can we get upright or almost upright Darkspear trolls. I would play zandalari but they are so ugly in the face and darkspear trolls already have upright animations so the argument about “it breaks lore” is ridiculous. theres a problem with the character design when the female is always upright since day 1 but the male is forced to be hunched at 45 degree angle. You can’t even enjoy transmog on the darkspear trolls because all the chest pieces are clipping into their own knees. They are already down bad because the darkspears cant even get boots to cover their feet?!?! Also why are non troll players posting and replying about keeping trolls hunched for the lore when people like myself who actually want to play as a darkspear can’t even enjoy the game because random alliance players feel the need to discredit a concern that a large portion of the horde player base has. Its the same reason why blizzard gave upright stances to the orcs because it creates a sense of strength. I get confused because blizzard will create countless splash arts of the darkspear trolls standing in a taller position, but in game we have to play a troll that has actual back problems to the point where their armor is clipping into each other. “ you can’t make upright darkspear trolls because they’ll have clunky animations and cant walk through doors.” and then blizzard makes a whole new troll race that is a gigachad standing at a solid 8ft tall walking through doors like a Tauren. It’s a slap in the face because it’s either blizzard ignoring us or random players who don’t even play a troll race discrediting an actual concern instead of listening to what the troll community has to say.

But the people you are talking about are in fact….


Also I love my zandalari’s but i believe blizzard’s design team definitely fumbled the bag on their facial and hair design though. statistically only 1.4% of the horde play zandalri, 11% play darkspear, 5.9% play goblin, 4.5% play play panda, 2.8 play night borne and; orc, tauren and undead are between 12-13.9%. Now take a guess to how many players play belf. A grand total of 32% on Na servers. Even I play a belf because im not going to play a character that has terrible design. I thought the horde was supposed to be mean and menacing. Not lazy and tired workers with the posture of a 100 year old man. No offense to my undead though. Also undead should get a back readjustment too. their capable of wearing heavy plated armor without their bones detaching, but i see no one complaining about lore for the undead in this case. Some folks would rather discourage it rather than having blizzard retweak it and make it better for people who pay monthly and want change for this kinda stuff and i think more customization would increase blizzards success at the end of the day.

me and my darkspear homies want change like our orcs and want to wear and show off our armor like the other races. :confused: zandalri is a sick race but why does blizzard hate the troll community. we either get tall with no customization or hunched with a bunch of customization.

Yea, necro-ing the thread. deal with it. I’ve wanted this for ages, and there isn’t enough discussion about it. Orcs got it, why can’t forsaken. /Support!

Straight backs, and also beards please whilst we are here.

This applies equally to dark spear trolls and forsaken.


If they could stand up strait, Id pay to change the race of this char to undead.

One can hope. Fingers crossed?

So would this be an Upright Citizen’s Brigade? :smiley:

thin blood elf like BC beta
upright undead
what else do we need
oh yeah high elf paladin

More like UPTIGHT Undead, amirite? XD