Can we get account wide ignore?

Simply put… yes.

Pure Facts.

If youve managed to avoid twitter so far, dont subject yourself to it, lol.
Im conservative and I have to admit I liked it MuCH better before it changed ownership. Elon not only hasnt made any improvements, but hes literally trying to remove the block feature entirely the last weeks.

So this means if some 14 year old kid is being stalked over there, they cant block the stalker, but could only mute them.
If we’re gonna allow children on social media they HAVE to be protected from predators.


I find it hilarious that Aeondaboil/Xingni/Uulomul/Doobly/Taalexya/Anhanrundek/Raist/Taienna/Ritahayworth thinks a 2 way block would be a good system here, as it would just allow us to effectively kick them out of btag threads, thus making said btag threads stay up longer.


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I also have to disagree.

While yes this hypothetical change is not being displayed front and center here for all to see but your tip toeing and skirting around the fact that “at least its not displayed for others to see” you also have to take into account of who knows how many people are ignoring you and can see your btag through that panel alone, even though yes its only for specific people who have you on ignore.

I do see gutshredda’s suggestion… but I think Blizzard will do the easy route. I think its an ok idea and its not me turning it down but after it is Blizzard.


I would like to see a change whereas if you put a person ignore, it would automatically Mute any threads that they start.

It’s not uncommon for the same people to keep starting up new threads on the same topics, apparently because they didn’t “feel heard” enough the first ten threads they started.


I would love this!

Yes, they would spam the forums with same topic different characters.


Cordially agreeing to disagree is about all we can do, Id say.

Even the low rent forum software Ive used allows admins to control what members…and even moderators…can see and do.

So if I wanted a moderator over on one of my forums to be able to see if someone is posting under multiple personas easily, Id enable posting IPs for the moderators so they can see if two personas are posting from the same IP address.

There are all kinds of back end controls with software like this.

In this case, you would block Aeondaboil and from YOUR perspective thats what is blocked.
In the software it simply applies that block to the entire account. Literally no valid reason for you to see anything about my account # at all for that to work

I dont know why thats not already a thing.
Lord, even FREE forum software has had that for eons, lol.

deleted by user.

i dont really see a problem with this.


Man, that last bit only describes a couple people lmao

Why would I care though? Especially if the block system cut them off totally on both the forum and in-game.

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The only reason you find the current ignore perfect is so you can continue switching alts to bypass people’s ignore list, Khrog. People on the forums aren’t stupid.


To be fair…if people stopped making posts like yours in the BTag threads, the threads would probably stay up longer. While certain players do join as instigators, it seems that a lot of people are more than happy to join in and keep the negativity going.

Who cares who their alts are.

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This summarizes it in a nutshell.


And who says it is his post that caused the BTags threads to get shut down?

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Notice I used the words “like yours.” I didn’t say it was their posts. There were a lot of similar posts throughout the thread, but it seemed to grow progressively worse towards the end.

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No, but your assuming it was post like his that got the threads locked, which may not even be the case. There could be a number of reasons to why the threads got shut down, but it is never alright to assume that a post like his would’ve been the case.

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Im confused. Didnt you author the previous thread? I might be wrong on that though.

which some of us would prefer.
I hate having to RE discuss the same details for the 17th time like nothing was said before. Its a waste of time for ALL involved to have these threads closed so they are started up and now we have to do it all over again.

I can see the point where that ‘t’ thing was going on as someone explained it to me a while back.
But they are conflating THAT atrocity with just having someone swap alts who may not even know one of their characters was blocked in the first place.
its not like twitter here where you get the “YOUR BLOCKED” page, lol.
I dont know who has me blocked here unless they tell me.
Assigning malice to this by default is a bit malicious itself.

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I am all for 100% legit account wife ignore feature.
Like total blackout ignore in game and forums.