Can we get a fun button to press? ptr plz

flagellation and sepsis are both not fun to press . yess echoing reprimand is decent mini game .
can we get somthing like killing spreee instead of flagellation. or maybe death from above that hits hard instead of sepsis … just a fun button to press like “eye beam” or “wake of ashes” etc
and maybe get rid borning buttons like slice and dice and thistle tea





I use sepsis over bonespike even though no one else does it just feels more bursty to me and if it gets dispelled the cooldown is reduced.

Sepsis needs a buff.

I hate all these new buttons TBH i hate echo, i hate sepsis, i hate bonespike other than that its a cheap ranged builder. Id rather our oldschool builders just do more damage and having less keys to press that are damage oriented Only.

The old rotation and vendetta was always enough for me not sure why we need to use x2 shadowlands spells = fun according to blizz.

I find the fact that the trees contain shadowlands spells to be super lazy they should have all stayed in shadowlands.


sepsis is EXTREMELY fun to press. you just dont know how to use it.

most things that are fun to press for rogue is OUTSIDE OF YOUR TOOLKIT.

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no its quite powerful when used properly.

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