Can we drop DH rework?

Just like you did ret last season, do it now and just ruin everyone’s season.


Augmentation already did. :dracthyr_yay_animated:


Trenecetate put out a YouTube video going over changes, DH looks good.

stop it im trying to have fun

imagine thinking dh doesn’t do a billion damage and its brain dead easy to play.

most dhs dont even know their incap puts people on DRs and just throw it randomly, without following it with a fear or stun.

Uhhh, the damage aspect doesn’t seem super hard but the surviving bit does.

DH has a leap back that reduces damage by like 70%, they have blur on like a 1 mind CD, darkness, nether. DHs just aren’t completely broken right now, so all the bad players who play it are completely clueless on what to do.

but maybe i’m just jaded cause enh is always easy to kill and i’m used to play a squishy class.

It’s 35% it got nerfed a long time ago.

Kinda like enh early season on how busted it was?

enh was just good early in the season. enh is never busted.

Oh wow only 35% as if that wasn’t completely massive. Never mind that you can use to avoid stuns like stormbolt. But that would require skill, something the average dh does not have.

it’s 35% :frowning:

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I agree.

as it should be.

DH feels so worthless I haven’t ever seen a spec designed this badly before

Aspects of it certainly have been.

very mild in comparison to the meta specs.

Getting completely deleted isn’t really mild by any metric.

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Just press blur.

When? Whenever. Air is dangerous. People die from bad air!

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Rogue rework next and then hopefully hunter after that

I’ve been running Blood Moon PvP talent recently and I’m getting good value of healing from it. If you actually purge a warlocks demon or your own demon you can get demon souls for the damage buff. (Purging a warlocks demon then killing your own gives ya 40% damage two separate buffs but same effect)


Delete this brotha