Can Tank Queue as DPS in Dungeons?

I entered a basic Dungeon. I am a Brewmaster Monk. I’m a tank.

However I know how to do good damage. I’m a new player. Also, I want to peel for the DPS and Healer. I wanted to be the off-tank. So I queued for DPS role.

Then, maybe there was an error. All my talents were gone. They were unclicked/unselected.

I had to start re-clicking all my talents. And I did not remember exactly which talents I had. And there was no time to reclick my talents or figure it out. So I had to exit the dungeon. That sucked!

If I am a Tank, and I queue as DPS, would I lose all my talents or was that an abnormal error? Can a tank queue in Dungeons as DPS?

Edit: Ah yes. My friend told me. I tried it and I saw it.

If I queue for Damage, I am automatically switched to WindWalker talents. Then I must select the talents. Pretty cool.

I think Tanks should be allowed to queue as Damage. So they can be off tanks. But meh. I know Brewmaster a bit. But I could learn WindWalker also!

WoW doesn’t really have off-tanks except in raids, and even then it’s not really off tank, it’s a second tank and there are tank swaps involved. Even though tank dps is fairly high, tanks have talent that generate more threat, so if there’s two people doing that in a 5 person group, it can be a bit frustrating to the person that queued as tank. It’s the same reason hunter’s pets have growl/taunt automatically turned off in group content.

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Dang; okay. I understand.

So I switched to WindWalker Monk, at least for dungeons. And I taunted a few mobs when the Healer got mobs attention. Then I ran to the Tank. That was good.

But I understand that there should not be a second Tank in small Dungeons. Otherwise the Main Tank could get a bit frustrated and it might be harder for them to do their role. So I understand why Talents are changed depending on the selected role.

Thank you Chirona.