Can soul ash be sent to alts? If so how?

Yeah me too. Nada.

There is a vendor in Korthia who exchanges 300 soul ash for 250. Requires renown 44 though. Have to wait till next week. Only one character per account needs to be renown 44 though.


Ok thank you… and is it unlimited? Like if I have 5 characters with 3,000 soul ash, could they EACH send 2,500 to one toon?

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Yes it is unlimited. It’s similar to order resources exchange back in previous expansions


Cant seem to find when this unlocks or is available either couldn’t find a vendor in any of my runs, or in korthia

Not sure if it changed going live or not.

This is correct.

Hitting Renown 44 and doing some quests will reveal Heirmir in Korthia.

Vendors in Torghast do not sell this exchange item.


Please clarify - previous indications (via PTR) were that Bonesmith in Koltira (the vendor who sells this) is accountwide once unlocked. Accurate?

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It sounds like it’s linked to the Campaign (which requires 44 to activate the next step). Even if Bonesmith sells it the camp he appears in is empty at this point in the questline or at least it is for me.

Yes. But previously it was unlocked accountwide as long as you could get to Korthira.

While you’re here can you clear something else up – the “choose an alternative” option for the Great Vault:

  • does this require renown 44 as well?
  • or just the start of season 2?

because there’s no way to choose an alternative right now, and nothing tells us that it begins July 6th in the content update notes.

Is this account wide or per toon?

Per toon (please correct me if I’m wrong), you’d have to hit renown 44, finish your covenant campaign, then do the Korthia questline until you unlock Heirmir.

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Why… come on catching up a new main pre-9.1 was already painful enough, now to recraft legendaries to account for Domination pieces I cant use my other chars stuff without grinding them all to 44 individually.

This isnt anywhere near as friendly as I thought or hoped

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To reiterate my now missing reply - leave it to Blizzard to finally put in a quality of life change, only to also gate it.

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Why even have a stupid requirement for this at all? This is a bloody QoL addition, does it need to be time gated? Or gated in ANY way?


Can we stop pretending that everything being timegated and locked behind a point in the future for no reason is healthy for the game?


Per usual it was timegated… for no reason at all.

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I think it’s to time it with the raid opening.

YES! (1) Renown 44. (2) Complete the Chains of Domination campaign part 3/9. Follow this chapter to unlock Bonesmith Heirmirs’ vendor. I was Renown 44 and finished all quests in 3/9, except the “Shaping Fate” quest before he would vendor. Bonesmith Heirmir sells the item “Packaged Soul Ash” 250/300 anima.

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You also have to have unlocked layer 9 of Torghast before he can even sell it to you. More roadblocks.