Can someone please help me on a few things

I am so confused in game on just a couple things and what I need to do and where I need to go…

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE - Do not tell me to go to WoWhead or Icy-Veins - I go there 50 times a day and leave more and more confused. I am sure it is a wealth of information to someone that understands what is going on… but right now it might as well be in a different language.

  1. Spark of Ingenuity - I have 4 sitting in my bag. I have NO idea what to do with them or what they can be used for…I just don’t get HOW I use them? I go to WoWhead and it’s just a long post of 20 other “items” that I have never heard of that are blue, purple, green etc.

  2. I keep hearing about Tier Pieces and seeing links to that armor. People keep saying I can buy it or have it crafted and I have NO idea how to even START that process.

Is there like super simple linear answers to these 2 questions lol? Maybe there just isn’t and eventually I will get it. I just don’t want to waste anything.

Sparks are a weekly handout you get from a quest that you can USE OR NOT USE for making higher item level gear through profession like tailoring or blacksmithing
GET them. Just to have them of a time comes for you to ever need. They are simple quests to just have on standby.

Tier gear is a 2 or 4 and sometimes a 6 piece BONUS set.
Example1- Wearing a tier HELM and PANTS activates a “2” piece bonus of 5% more bleed damage
Example2- wearing HELM PANTS BOOTS CHEST activates 4 piece set bonus and increases to 10% more bleed damage.
Click on my charter and look at my profile. Mouse over my gear and see the different set bonuses. It’s individual for every spec and class.
It begins 1/23 (Tuesday). Tier gear has always been part of gear from Raiding and Random drops from raid and weekly vault rewards, and hard to target what slot of armor it even is(helm vs pants duplicate items etc etc). As of recent though, blizzard has given EVERY player a path to take whatever gear your wearing, put in in a device, and click a button to make it a tier set. So have a good item level PROPER SLOT (legs chest helm shoulder) and when it’s open we will all go this magic oven and click a craft button and automatically make a piece of “Tier” set ( an actual clone raid item) of whatever Item level you stick in the oven. If you stick a 376 pants in you get a 376 “tier” pants out.
To make it a little more confusing TIER gear is set in stone as far as bonus and stats.
Example : your pants with haste/crit will change to the TIER pants with crit/mastery.

Does this help at all? I’m here to answer or explain more


Destruction warlock 4 piece bonus

Again the gear SLOTS are mandatory. You can’t make a neck or ring Tier gear. So next week make your highest piece of appropriate slot your first tier piece. And week after week you can “make” your 4 piece.

I appreciate the posts… fog lifted a little… tho I still have no idea what I use Sparks for. and whatever it is for, how do I “use” it?

Like this:
I’m a Leather worker (LW). I open my recipes book and want to make a helmet level 384(pretty high for crafted gear). I need
x30 pieces of leather
X20 baby seal hides
X50 cute duck feathers
And x1 spark of ingenuity.
Then when I have it all I push “craft” and all items are consumed and make my hemlet
Since the Spark is a WEEKLY item it limits me from making really good gear non-stop. It also CAN be used by blizz to throttle us on future stuff.

If you are NOT a crafter you can still go to a work order station and if YOU have all the necessary ingredients + a Spark…a crafter can make YOU the item.

High quality crafted gear is soulbound so players can’t just flood the auction house with awesome stuff to the highest bidder. That would dilute the rest of the gear in game. But through Crafting orders YOU collect the soulbound stuff (items that cannot be sold or traded) and your weekly spark to get you that awesome piece.

Ppl just buying gold with $$ and then gear off the Auction house(AH) to get super geared up fast has always been the conflict. In Dragonfligjt this is an attempt to help fight it and allow crafters and buyers help each other out.

Are you a crafter? I’d reccomend checking out a profession. You can pick 2. Normally ppl do a gathering and crafting, but you can pick a Dual gathering setup instead of like me I’m a “skinner and leather worker”(gather/crafter) or “miner and blacksmith”(gather/crafter), You can go with skinner/miner (dual gathering)or herbalists/miner(dual gathering) and Sell all the items you gather on the AH for some gold, or make stuff for you and hopefully other players (it’s not the smoothest system yet) but it’s another element to the game to explore and partake it.

Here’s another situation your a high level mythic raider, you haven’t looted any gear for weeks from a boss you wanted. But you HAVE been collecting weird “soulbound” crafting reagents (like the sparks). You can take all this stuff from the mythic bosses, and a crafter can make you mythic item level stuff since it’s your stuff. The crafter cannot make and Sell this gear though, or we’d all just buy it from crafters instead of do actual content. The sparks are a part of this new crafting system. Again it’s not a perfect system. I re-read you have 4 already. That’s great! Keep them, when it comes to weekly special stuff it’s ALWAYS better to have it for when/if you need it. And who knows what’s going to still be added to the game.

Lmk if you have questions about this. There is restrictions on what kind of gear you can convert to tier.

Ok I spent a lot of time looking it over and its falling in place. Cant thank you enough. Really appreciate it.

Just a quick note on navigating wowhead for good info since Taquitos seems to have you covered on the rest:

The MOST valuable information on wowhead can always be found in the comments of whatever article you’re looking at. Most of the time the page itself just gives you basic info about what the item is, where it can be found, etc. The people who comment on it will generally be posting to let the rest of us know if there’s anything extra we need to know about it. If there’s a bug with acquisition, detailed instructions on where to find something, how to properly use an item, things of that nature.

Hope that helps a bit too!


^^^^^^ upvote that!! The comment section is the actual value of wowhead.

Another tip for Wowhead’s comment section is make use of the sort feature. (It’s between the info tabs and where the actual comments start.) “Highest Rated” will show you the most upvoted comments (which tend to be helpful.) However, it can also be useful to do a “Newest First” search when doing non-current content as those comments will often be useful for bugs/issues introduced in later patches. (And not being current content those newer comments might not have the visibility to have lots up upvotes, even when helpful.)

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i wanted to pop in and endorse the thing about referencing the comments on wowhead.

the page info only tells you basic info about the item.
the comments are where people explain everything.

…and if you can’t find it there, someone is usually lurking around here to help out.

In case you don’t know what people mean when they say “check the comments”, if you scroll down the page a little bit, it will have a section with various tabs.

Here’s a screenshot of the tabs.
Dropped by / Contained in / Teaches / Guides / Comments / Screenshots

Select the “comments” tab, and you can sort the comments.
The most recent comments are generally the most helpful, because they’re usually from the most recent patch.