Can Ret please get some help

This class is just suffering horribly and feels awful to play. Our cleave is horrendous, Judgment should go back to its Legion ways and cleave the targets around it, and Consecration should just do MORE damage and generate HP so you actually want to use it and its not just a button you can push sometimes, especially in AOE.

Divine Storm is actually kind of a joke, it doesn’t even do that much damage unless you have CDs to go with it, its supposed to be a STORM and it’s barely a DPS gain at 2 targets, it HAS to crit or its a damage loss because of all the single target soulbinds we currently have.

For being so wrapped up in our burst damage, its not even the highest burst, and that is a significant problem. If we are going to be trapped into CDs then we should be gods while we are using them, we shouldn’t be getting beaten by 6 other classes during burst.

Please help us.


Ret needs a talent that generates HP based on the number of targets, our AoE is really pathetic right now. Were basically a burst class, that does mediocre burst. Ill do 25k on a pull, but the War will do 30k and the mage will do 35k. Then next pull Ill do 3k, the war will do 10k and the mage will do 12k.


Legion was awesome for AoE. Zeal, Divine Hammer, double projected divine storm, so much fun.


You hit the nail on the head. I’d love to see divine storm turn into some kind of hammer storm just swirling around you for 3-5 seconds and doing something like a flat % of max hp/second. You can even add a 15-30 second cooldown on it!! Ffs consecration is EXACTLY how you described…SOOO BORINGGGGG. It literally just does damage…and a PATHETIC amount of dmg over like 8 fkn seconds lmao. For clarity, I’m talking from a pvp standpoint. We just have no cleave damage at all

Yeah our 2 target damage is pretty much the same as our single target… and our AOE isn’t even that great to make up for it? And our single target isn’t good either. I don’t get it. I guess with 4-set, our AOE will be a bit better, but that would only bring us to par with other top AOE specs at best. It would be actually be fine if we had some unique, useful utility as Retribution, something that Holy and Prot don’t have - but we don’t, so the damage being mediocre overall is still a problem. Even our burst damage isn’t special anymore. I miss Legion. Retribution wasn’t top but it was still good.

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