Can only max level characters complete the war campaign?

Hey everyone,

I’m just wondering if there were some undocumented changes, or if I had missed a change. I’m trying to complete Tides of Vengeance on a lvl 50 to unlock the Zandalari Trolls, and I’m unable to turn in the quest “Azerite Denied” because it says I’m not high enough level. I’d assumed this is a bug, but it may just be that patented Blizzard anti-fun policy. I’m just looking for a bit of clarification, because I’m gonna be bummed if I have to dungeon grind to 60 just to complete this.

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Having the same issue trying to do the Alliance War Campaign. Went up to Anduin in Boralus and when I try to turn in the quest it denies me for the same reason.

The character I’m on has previously leveled through BFA (while it was live) and has the Heart as well as world quests and all that good stuff.

Wowhead is indicating that the “Azurite Denied” quest requires level 60 now. So I’d say that you do have to get to 60 now to complete the war campaign. That’s consistent with them changing BfA to a 10-60 area.

If you don’t want to grind to 60 in the BfA zones, try taking to Chromie to go somewhere else. Though you might have trouble getting to Shadowlands - some users are saying that they can’t get the Shadowlands intro quest even after talking to Chromie, and the portal to Oribos doesn’t work until you set it up at Oribos. If you logged into your level 50 character sometime in the last 2 years you probably already have the intro quest in your quest log, but if you never logged into them at all during Shadowlands you might be locked out for the time being (I assume they’ll fix this eventually).