Can No Longer Post Videos After Forum Update


I get this message: An error occurred: Sorry, you can’t embed media items in a post.

I have never been suspended.

Nevermind. Just found out that posting videos is TL3 now after the forum update. :rage:

Thank you for that.

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Can you specify the source? Hugely popular and trusted sites such as YouTube and Twitch (in addition to Blizzard’s own links) are able to be linked at TL1 and have been since the Discourse forum software was implemented almost five years ago.

TL3 has been a requirement for virtually every other source.


I posted this same thread in general. Everyone TL3 can post videos. Everyone else cannot. This was a sneaky stealth change during the forums update the other day.

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This has been the case since Day One back in November of 2018, though. Thus my curiosity.

Though I wouldn’t be surprised if some backend changes over time have glossed over those metrics here and there until they were ironed out again.


Ok, we’re done. You have no idea what I’m talking about. They moved the ability to post youtube videos from TL2 to TL3 the other day when they did the forum update. It was a STEALTH change with no documentation.

you are correct, BUT they changed it the other day.


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… right, which is what my first post was asking about:

Thank you for providing the context. Whether it is an intended change or an adverse effect of some updates will likely be found in the website-specific feedback forums. If it’s intended, its likely following some similar route when TL1 was changed to TL2.

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Ok, this is even weirder. Someone claiming to be TL1 CAn post videos.

Shoot me please?

People can claim all sorts of things. That doesn’t make them true.

You might have had TL3 at some point, and then have it dropped back down to TL2 if you didn’t keep up the activity necessary for TL3. Either that or there was some bug that was allowing lower levels to post videos and whatnot, and whatever work they did on the forums kicked it back to how it was supposed to be.

While it’s nice to have, they don’t have to announce or document a single thing. And I can’t honestly recall a time that there was ever an announcement made about some changes in the forums - with the exception of the switchover from the old ones to the current ones. It’s their game, it’s their forums. They’re allowed to do what they want when they want it. They could remove the ability to post links of all kinds tomorrow if the whim took them. If we don’t like it, that’s kind of just too bad, to be perfectly honest. You’re welcome to bring the issue up over on the Website Bug Report forum, but know that it’s one-way communication. You’re not likely going to receive a response over there, but your voice will be heard.