Can my AOE attacks hit a PVP-flagged player?

Hi, this has happened to me a few times recently.

I’ll be participating in a big event with a lot of mixed-faction players, like a Grand Hunt, and someone from the opposite faction is PVP-flagged. I’m very careful not to attack them, but while attacking the mobs around them I eventually become PVP-tagged myself.
I assumed that this - AOE attacks hitting a PVP-flagged player and causing me to become PVP-flagged - was an intentional feature, but after some googling it sounds like it shouldn’t be.
I had a look through my combat logs and identified the attack that hit the other player, and it was definitely an AOE effect.

So - is this working as intended?

Only the devs can say for sure if it’s intended, but it is inconsistent with how flagging generally works in modern WoW. So, it’s certainly worth putting in a bug report listing the specific spell that is flagging you.

Thanks for responding! I couldn’t find a solid answer on whether AOE attacks from a PVE player were supposed to hit PVP-flagged targets so it’s good to know that this is inconsistent behaviour. I’ll do some experimenting next time I see a PVP-flagged player and will file a bug report if I can reproduce it.

Do you have the option that automatically picks a target in front of you set?

I’ve seen it as well. It caused me a bit of panic-checking of my own PVP status.

I full-on showed a PVP-flagged player as taking damage during tab-targeting on non-AOE attacks.

There’s definitely something broken here, but I’ll leave it to the poor PVP players to report it (“I was attacked by a PVE player and couldn’t attack back” is pretty much what I’d expect that to look like).

Ok. I’m glad to see that this isn’t just me. It’s been annoying to get flagged doing world quest content when I’m just trying to kill mobs, but I just experienced opposing faction players ignoring the bosses in Primalist Future to FOCUS on players who inadvertently flagged during the boss fight.

I now know that when I cast a chain lightning into a group of baddies, I may hit an opposing faction player while 1) not flagged 2) not in war mode and 3) not on a pvp server.