Can I use earbuds for my wow playing?

I have a set of Aukey earbuds that are able to connect via blue tooth. I was hoping to be able to use them to listen to the game while I play instead of using a headset.

I have a headset but it gives me a major headache after about an hour of use. So I was hoping I could switch to using my earbuds as an alternative.

Any suggestions on how I can get these to work?

It should work as long as your computer supports bluetooth. If you set the audio output to your earbuds in Windows, WoW should follow. Your earbuds probably came with instructions on how to connect them to computers.

Keep in mind that there will be a bit of lag time between things happening on screen and the associated sound playing in the earbuds, because bluetooth audio has a small amount of unavoidable latency.

You can also specifically select the earbuds in the WoW audio section, which would mean that JUST WoW would come out of the earbuds, and Windows would still use whatever the device is you have it set to.

If your computer doesn’ have Bluetooth built in (most full ATX and mATX motherboards below the ~150$-200$ range do not have built in WiFI or Bluetooth) you can grab a Bluetooth dongle for cheap (usually less than 10$) that plugs into a USB port.

But yes, provided your computer has Bluetooth (however you get it), there is absolutely no reason you couldn’t use your earbuds.

When i was having issues getting Discord to recognize my Mic (an issue with having too many potential input devices), i connected my LG Tone Infinim set to my computer and used it just fine.

You’re probably better off just buying a wired pair if you can, so you don’t have to deal with battery drain(and wearing out the battery in your earbuds, if you constantly are draining them during long play sessions), unless they’re just sitting around otherwise, or you don’t really play with them long enough to be constantly charging them. Also as already mentioned, there can potentially be an audio sync issue(however, that depends on multiple factors, so you may be ok). Last thing to note, is that while you said you plan to just use them to listen, it’s common that bluetooth headphones generally have poor mics compared to wired/RF models due to bluetooth limitations(if you plan to use them for voice chat, but didn’t mention it).

As for your question, everyone else basically already answered that, and I don’t have anything meaningful to add :).

If you buy a Bluetooth USB dongle just make sure it’s running Bluetooth 4.0 or higher. Depending on your needs.

Thank you all for your input. I ended up obtaining an Insignia USB Bluetooth Adapter with the 4.0 capability. Its really tiny and I at first thought I had been given the wrong thing. Its about the size of my thumb nail (horizontal measurement) and just fit into the usb port.

I have to be careful because, If I dropped it, my dog would immediately think it was something to eat…then I’d have two problems, no dongle and a dog that needed to go to the vet. Fortunately, a piece of scotch tape will keep it safely attached to the desk top when not in use.

Anyway, I got it setup and used the same method for discovery on my earbuds for my pc setup as I did for my phone. I did go back to the instructions for the earbuds in order to make sure I followed that process. Its a good thing I tend to read instructions before using stuff.

I know a few folks who don’t do that and then can’t figure out why something is not working. :smiley: I remember that because I used to tutor students in college how to use software in order to do their class assignments. I can’t tell you how many times all I had to do was pick up the instruction manual when a question arose in those sessions…eventually, they realized that was their first step if they wanted to succeed without having to call someone in the middle of the night while trying to fix something in their software for an assignment due the next morning. :rofl:

And you are correct regarding the sound. Its like talking into a tin can attached to a string to another tin can. When I was a kid we all did that when out playing one game or another. It was a major means of “communications,” if you know what I mean. :grin:

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There’s no particular reason to remove the Bluetooth adapter when it isn’t being used. Unless you need the USB port for something, in which case… get a hub.

Yes, I know getting a hub would be good, but I just don’t need it at this point.