Can I Restore One Of My Deleted Characters On A Locked Realm? (Pagle)

Hello there. Last night I wanted to start a new character on Pagle with my friends. I wasn’t playing my lvl 10 mage, so I deleted them. When I went to create my Warlock, it told me I couldn’t create a character. I completely forgot that locked realms prevent character creation if it is empty. I was really bummed out that I messed up. Now I’m worried I’ll never be able to restore anyone on Pagle.

Does the recent hotfix allow players to restore characters on locked realms if they currently have nobody there? I’m very sorry for deleting the ones I had. I would love to be able to play with my friends. I have deleted character above level 10 before the server was locked if that helps? I made a mistake and hope I can return to Pagle.

My character restore is currently on cooldown. So I cant test this. If anyone can help me with my problem, I would appreciate it! I would love to get my warlock started and maybe go back to my mage or priest! Thanks

I think so but u will still have to wait on the cooldown.

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That’s fine. As long as its possible.

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It does not mention about there being a requirement to have a character already there, so if you find differently, the post I linked might be better for feedback on Classic issues post hot fixes.


The issue was you could not create a character on a locked realm that didn’t already have characters - that included undeleting characters.

With this hotfix, you can undelete characters on locked realms even if there aren’t currently active characters there.


Thank you!