Can druids get easier access to the 10.2 emerald dream with their Dreamwalk ability

It would make sense as the dreamwalk ability teleports you to the emerald dream, it would be a nice convenience for druids.


I second this!


Would be a nice little addition. :smiley:


That would be incredible!!!


yes please


No idea why this wasn’t included when we have an empty section in the Dreamgrove. I tested it thinking it’d be common sense to add it, but nope. We can teleport to the Emerald Dream, but not THAT Emerald Dream I guess?


This really needs to be a feature for sure we technically have 2 unused portals in the dream way and since we cleansed the nightmare why is still in our dream way we need to have a perfect dream way they can easy phase it for new druids that havent done the campaign but for those of us that have completed the druid campaign should have a beautiful dreamway with a least a nice port to the new emerald dream zone in 10.2! How do we get blizzard to see this and make it happen??


You’re right I forgot about the corrupted pathway, that’s an extra portal. Always thought the unused portal between Feralas and Moonglade was going to be used for Ardenweald but that didn’t work out. (Understandably because it’s the realm of death but still lol)


personally, i dont believe that this should be put into the game because it creates an imbalance between the classes.

this would give druids a class perk that would normally be reserved for mages.

personally, you’re wrong. Have a good day :slight_smile:


actually, my statement would fall into the same line of reasoning that blizzard used when they nerfed dracthyr soar before DF was released, so my statement is quite valid.

so, in order to be fair to dracthyr, blizzard should not grant this ability to druids.

This is just not true? Mages can’t teleport to new zones, they teleport to cities. Druids are the only ones who can teleport to natural areas-- the emerald dreamway is an established thing that just hasn’t been updated in a while.

I don’t see how a teleport to a zone that’s literally based around druids is somehow an unfair class perk, unless you’re arguing that druids having an already existing part of our class being updated to have modern usefulness is bad.

Using mages as an example is just incorrect, though, since they can’t teleport to the 10.2 area. Additionally, it’s extremely easy to get to the Emerald Dream zone through the portal in Valdrakken already, so this is barely even gameplay-related-- it’d just be a neat flavor perk.


yes, this is the mage class perk.

the druid class perk is being able to gather while in flight form.

we can’t just give druids everything.

I asked on the PTR forums but I got no traction on the case. There is however a portal in Valdrakken that can teleport everyone to the Emerald Dream.


I understand they nerfed soar at the beginning due to them not ready for dragon riding in old content but as of blizzcon and all of the recent developer interviews soar will be full dragon riding in 10.2.5 when they release dragon riding for all xpacs so just because they did one thing goes to show you that they can change there mind giving community feed back case in point path finding for 10.2 used to need renowned 15 for all factions including the dream wardens but we as a community complained enough and they removed the renowned requirements

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Also they made it to an small extent where everyone can gather while mount aka druid flight form through both the new crafting system if you spec into it and also with a mount that is crafted by engineers so there again not completely duid only


Here is why soar was nerfed. It was to make sure that dracthyr didn’t have an advantage over other classes.

And that is why Druids cannot have a portal directly to the new content.

This seems like an awesome idea to me. Nothing would be game breaking about it it would just be a minor quality of life for druids, everybody can hearth to Valdraken and take the portal to the zone on a small cool-down, mages can portal there and take the portal to the new zone without a cd with very minor traveling, there would be no difference with giving druids the ability to travel through the dreamgrove there.


I get that in the beginning but that point is mute 10.2.5 will see soar be a full on dragon riding ability so again your agurment is baseless and makes no sense literally you are just trolling us Druids. There is no real reason for us not to be able to use our dream way to be able to travel to the new 10.2 zone other then Blizzard not having the time to do it or just didnt think about it.

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