Can Drow Dark Elves exist in World of Warcraft lore for Role Play?

I am beginning the adventure of Role Playing for the first time and wanted to build my favorite character from D&D which is the Drow Dark Elf since there is a new look for elves with red eyes. I am building a great back story but started to think should this type of elf even belong in WoW? Most of WoW is based around D&D so maybe it could work. What are your thoughts? Maybe some suggestions from some veteran players of Role Playing. Heck, I might even think of building a Drow-type guild community if this pans out on my RP server.

They aren’t in the lore at all anywhere. The closest you will ever get are the void elves. Also the glowing red eyes makes the character a Darkfallen which was what the Dark Rangers were/are. You can be a Darkfallen Void Elf too. That’s what my Shadow Priest is. Also I’ve been gaming a long time, if you have any questions, let me know and I’ll do what I can to help.

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In actual canon lore? There is none, yet.

As Banegrivm said, there are close substitutes.

However, people bend lore all the time. Sometimes outright break it. I think the idea of a drow or dark elf is completely feasible, and only a bend. I would envision them as closer to the Kaldorei, and maybe they just turned away from the moonwell and didn’t do the whole sunwell bit either. After generations, they eventually ended up with darker skin tones, and purple eyes that drow are known for in other fantasy worlds from being away from those magics. This is something I have thought about plenty.

That’s what Night Elves started out as… they are Drow without the underground Evil package.

The differences are a bit less since dark skins are an option for every elf race now.

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I suppose it’s possible, in the same way that the 1988 cast of Disney on Ice could exist in World of Warcraft lore for Role Play.


What exactly are you looking for?

A dark skinned elf? plenty of options. there are even spider elves in Suramar but as monsters only. You might see them as driders.

A spider fixation? above plus tameable spiders for hunters.

Chaotic neutral to evil temperaments? It’s all how you roleplay.

By actual Fiend Folio name? Not happening.


The evil tick can be held by individuals of any elven individuals, seen plenty of them in various evil factions to know that to be true. Dark elves in a Tolkien sense are just elves that have adopted to an extent a non-typical for elves’ lifestyle, no evilness needed.

For WoW, considering what we have to work with I would define “drow” as nightborn Grand Magistix Elisande loyalists, essentially a holdout faction dabbling in fel magic and prone to terrorism. Whenever in a post free Suramar a world quest involving terrorised locals shows up, it’s them causing trouble. They are hunted by others for their actions so hiding out in caves could definitely be something they could do.

I’m in the wheelhouse of not breaking lore because it usually ruins the immersion in RP.

If anything, try to do similar with a Void Elf, it’s the best I got for you, OP :slight_smile:

For my money, the best choice of race for this is Nightbourne by far, they have the right skin and model base. and even their sillies reflect the proper level of decadence.


I would not be opposed to seeing Fal’dorei RP’d as such.

Except that they’re more like driders which were outcast “failed” drow.

The Drow attitude toward Driders was much like the Chelaxian view on Tieflings. They may admire spders but a drow with mixed spider aspects is still impure and pretty much lower than dirt.