Can anyone confirm what the prerequisite for "Remnants of Hope" is?

I finished the previous quest in the Torghast chain, “Explore Torghast”, but there’s no follow-up. I’ve been told I have to wait 20 hours for Remnants of Hope to show up, but I’m pretty sure it’s been 20 hours and no quest has appeared.

Is there some other prerequisite that needs to be completed for the quest to show up? Is it just arbitrary time-gating? A bug?

Same issue here. Completed Torghast and the “Explore Torghast” quest Tuesday night. Have not received the remnants of hope follow up quest yet. Done everything in the maw, maxed out what I can do for covenant, etc. and nothing. Apparently some people in my guild have gotten it. Makes no sense

Same Issue, I’ve put in a ticket but the average wait time is 10 days to get in contact with a game master. I’ve waited 3 days to get the quest and completed multiple layers of torghast with nothing.

Me too! I am having this issue too on my lvl 60 Paladin. I completed a full clear of Torghast during week 1 before the reset and completed the Explore Torghast quest. After the reset I still did not have the quest. Completed a full clear this week too and still no quest. My Monk who completed the same things got the quest so I am not sure what the issue is.

I tried opening a ticket but Blizzard sent me a canned response that basically told me to go check wow-head or the forums. When I do that I find out that people are having the same problem as me. Was hoping to get this done before the reset this week.