Can’t get heals during raids

Hey so I just rejoined WoW after years of not playing and found myself in a raid unable to get heals.

People told me it’s cause I turned war mode on. I don’t do pvp and never clicked that button in my life.

So I checked it and said it was off. Even went to Valdrakken to turn it on and off, got summoned back into the raid and still no heals.

Can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong here? I really shouldn’t have to heal myself lol :frowning:

That doesn’t make any sense.

Are you saying you aren’t getting heals or can’t get them?

Evoker is a very fragile class without a lot of defensive skills. It has one of the highest death rates in raids. During challenging fights you will often die if you are not using warlock rocks, personal defensives, health pots and self heals. This is even more significant if your ilvl is lower than it should be.