Camera Won't Adjust

Hey there! Something I noticed last night, my camera in game seems to no longer auto-adjust to being behind my character. Despite what my Interface settings are set to, it acts like it’s on “Never Adjust Camera.” Normally, I have the camera set to “Only when moving” adjustment.

What’s especially interesting about this case is that, it’s only affecting 2 of my WoW accounts (I RP a lot of alts), but not any Classic or PTR accounts attached to the Bnet, and when I asked my brother to check things on his end, the same accounts are having the same issue. Even after a complete UI reset, no dice.

What’s going on and how do I fix it? Is anyone else having this issue?

You’d need to do a CVAR reset probably, but I can’t remember if it wipes settings on all characters or not.

If you backup your WTF folder and you’re feeling bold: /console cvar_default

If you have UI addons like elvui, it might screw with some settings and frames, reseting them back to defaults, so be warned. I know they mess with some custom CVAR settings that stored on the servers.

You could always save your profile on it within the addon, then backup your WTF folder, then run the console command, then put your WTF folder back, log in, rerun the startup elvui setup thing, then load your saved profile to get you back to where you were. But that’s if you use UI addons.

I don’t use any UI AddOns. I just roll with TRP3 Extended, Narc, BugSack, Unlimited Map Pin Distance, Tongues, and CrossRP. But I will try this and see how it goes!

Aaaand no dice, still a broken camera.

Huh. I logged back in just now to try another idea a friend has in Discord, and the camera setting are working fine now. I have no idea what caused the break, or even what managed to finally fix it, but it seems to be working now!

If I had to guess, it took a minute for the CVAR thing to kick in? Idk. Anyway, thanks for the help, everyone here and on Discord and Twitter! <3

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