Calling all Alliance AV lovers

The time is coming. The battle is near. Horde filth are marshaling forces at Frostwolf! Pughhh! /spit

What say you Alliance citizens? Will you stand idle while the dwarves our friends hold on bitterly to defend their homes? their bunkers?! Will you fight with us? Will you defend the once pristine snows of the Valley in the Alterac Mountains?

Come join Stormpike Militia and our efforts to level and gear ourselves in preparation for the war for Alterac Valley and the World of Azeroth itself. We’ll be leveling, raiding, fighting horde in Wpvp and eventually in AV. TO JOIN: whisper Krienn, Mizriz, Twem, Yardley, or Laudanum on the Grobbulus server.

GLORY TO THE ALLIANCE! Death to all horde.


Down! If you dont mind rollin with elves.


Ohhh hello fellow Gnome friend. No Mercy Mafia has many members of our organization that love to defend the Dwarves of Stormpike.


We love elves! We only have prejudices against the horde races


Lionguard is willing and able.


You have my Bow.



Our war preparation efforts continue. Many of our veterans are reaching level 60 and starting into PUG raiding and such, and the militia is beginning to show a presence in WPvP

Join us and let these disgusting horde know how mistaken they were in joining forces with the vile world invaders we call orcs.


Look. Searing Gorge is fricken awful. Are you tired of being farmed? Are you tired of being a ghost?..not that this has happened to me constantly the last few weeks since the stupid honor system came out while I cry non stop. No. I’m a way better player than that. But if it has happened to you, don’t be dumb. Respond to this post and let us scoop you up and cup you in the palm of our hands. We will massage you back to health and good spirits despite the rumors floating around about us. TOGETHER, we can kill the horde buttholes out of Searing Gorge and wherever else they fester.

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I Sigismund will lend my righteous fury to this just cause! My blade hungers for the blood of the mongrel agressors!


Gnooooooooooooooomes. They’re silly.

Sound the alert! Our scouts have intercepted a message from General Drek’thar to Galvangar who captains the iceblood garrison. It reveals the horde plan to march through Alterac Valley with a full contingent of troops on December 10th! If this is allowed to happen our expedition gathering relics and resources for the mighty Alliance will be vulnerable.

We must marshal our forces and meet this adversary taking the offensive ourselves if it be necessary. These otherworldly orcs and their cow friends will parish under our keenly sharpened blades.


We will paint the snow red with their blood! And make the Valley secure once again!


Join the Militia today! We premade AV every wednesday and friday at 8 est (not this friday though)

disc is ZenpbHF

I would encourage you to be in contact with No Mercy Mafia. Jaxel, Slyx etc. I am sure they are up for this!

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It seems most of you play quite a bit later than us. We start at 5 server being that we’re mostly east coasters

The army from Grobbulus grows! Come join our war efforts against the horde in AV! Whisper Mizriz, Jadei, or Xerxy in game for disc

We queue AV every friday and sunday at 5 server

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