Cairne down/missing toons why is there no other threads

just tried to log in, Cairne is missing Cenarius is missing and so are all my toons! anyone else?


All of mine are gone as well!!! Hope someone has an answer to where they went???

I’m shocked there isn’t more on this as well. Perenolde is the main server I play on. =(

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I am also missing cairne

Logged in today and Perenolde is missing… I’m so confused, it’s realm status is still active

I’m seeing the same thing.

I have 3 missing avatars on Perenolde.
Perenolde is also missing.
what happened?

They all got moved to the cenarius server.

I found it. Perenolde was listed but didn’t show any avatars until I clicked it & logged in. then it showed my avatars from there on.
Perenolde, Cairne & Cenarius are merged with Cenarius being the new addition.