Cadia [A] US-Sargeras (10/10M SoD) is recruiting for SoD and 9.2 **MAGE**

Cadia [A] US-Sargeras is recruiting experienced players to join us in Sanctum of Domination and 9.2.

﴾ About Cadia ﴿

Cadia is an Alliance raiding guild founded during beta in 2004. Initially on Darkspear, then Lightninghoof, Sargeras has been our home since 2018. Our community has existed uninterrupted for over 17 years.

We raid 3 days, 7.5 hours total per week and aim to use that schedule as efficiently as possible. For the first two weeks of a new tier, we add an additional 2.5 hour raid on Sunday during the time usually occupied by our optional farm clear. Excepting very rare circumstances, we don’t do overtime.

We strive to maintain a mature, fun, inclusive environment and expect the same from our members.

﴾ Raid Schedule ﴿

Tuesday 9:00 - 11:30 PM (EST)
Wednesday 9:00 - 11:30 PM (EST)
Thursday 9:00 - 11:30 PM (EST)
Sunday 9:00-11:00 PM (EST) (Optional farm raid)

﴾ Current Progress ﴿

10/10 Mythic SoD

﴾ What We Expect From You ﴿

• CE/Mythic Raiding Experience
• Consistent attendance (90%+).
• Excellent performance.
• Preparedness.
• Mature attitude.
• Always seeking self-improvement.

﴾ What You Can Expect ﴿

• Like-minded players looking to push themselves and their fellow guildmates.
• A community that stretches beyond WoW and into other games.
• The stability of a guild that’s been around for over 17 years.

﴾ Recruitment Needs ﴿

• Balance Druid [High]
• Mage [High]
• Hunter [Med]
• Ret Paladin [Low]
• Tank [Low]
• Exceptional players of any class or role — we mean this.

﴾ Application ﴿

If you’re interested in applying to raid with us, please fill out our (very brief) google forms application:

﴾ Contact Info ﴿

Discord: Reead#0001, JonathanT#5375 Reead#1507, JonathanT#1691

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Duo looking for a raiding guild in 9.2. Both Balance Druids, but raided my first CE as a fire mage. He is a pure boomkin main, I also play holy paladin and DH. We have been pvp’ing but want to get back into raiding. Feel free to hmu! Can link my Nya and CN logs if you’re interested Bnet: Tom#19528 , discord: tommygibbon#2583

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Fill this out for us and well take a look! It’s super quick

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Just saw this, I’ll fill one out and hit you up on discord tonight if you want to chat! thanks man!

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Hey man, filled it out just now was out of town. Hit me up on disc!

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Looking for Mages <3

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