BWR/SC Server Discord

Does this exist? I’ve been playing casually on CC for about 3-4 years now and wanting to get back out there with a static group again. I don’t think CC/SOE has a discord other than the RP one that existed a few years back. Which was pretty nice, but not exactly what I was looking for in regards to SL and beyond.


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Still exists, just to clarify for anyone reading this. :smiley: And Blackwater Raids & Shadow Council folk are welcome to join!

I don’t know about BWR/SC, but I’m interested in finding out if there is one as well!

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The CC/SOE RP discord does have channels for forming groups for raids and dungeons, which could be better than nothing to start with. There are some people on there who do hit higher end game content. No one who does mythic raiding I don’t think, but heroic, 15+ keys.