BWL Trash Question

In reference to the three big boys before pulling Ebonroc, what is the general strat for these? We had a few attempts last week where our tanks simply could not get threat on them to save our lives because we were all stunned / spinning in place for almost the entire duration of the fight. Any pro tips?

Tell your tanks to get free action potions :slight_smile:

Then spread them a few feet apart. Find out vulnerabilities and go ham, but watch threat

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I think we have some back up tanks for when one gets stunned.

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Well that covers the first 30 seconds… lol

Do the melee just kinda need to stay when they are using the Bronze (bladestorm) ability?

Either you ping pong threat or you tell people to stay below you, either way spinning sucks

Faps on pull

we use 6 tanks for it. 3 of the tanks are dps with shields on.

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Whatever you do, do not put melee DPS on any add that has the spinny boi brood power. When the tank is spinny stunned, they also deal aoe damage and melee get wrecked by it. So put melee on adds that don’t have that brood power and kill them last. Also having 2 tanks for each add helps.

Also make sure you don’t have tanks afk at the alchemy lab getting flasks made during those pulls. Don’t ask me how I know that’s a bad idea.


…sound advice indeed.

I’ve heard folks kite it. If I remember from years ago, they can run down a hunter, even one who has Aspect. Is this the case?

Yes they run too fast to be kited.

Get a moonkin so you can do the Nature/Arcane vulnerability ez

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These don’t work for the sleep and other element based nonsense, just the Warstomp.

I’ve seen them tanked as such, two on either side of the room one in the middle.

Use detect magic and weakauras for help figure out weaknesses and split your dps that way. Melee should hit the “weakest” tank’s target first, and avoid the Beyblade tank’s target.

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Our tanks have Hunters pull using distracting shot to where the tanks are at to start them off separated.

Sadly, some of the tanks have let this poor old hunter die…I suspect foul play… damn their black hearts.

Good luck.


Just have your off-tanks ping-pong them

Hit them until they die.

We just have 3 other people act as off tanks if the other ones get stunned and they move around as it happens.

They need to stay back with the ranged DPS though, and move in when needed, so they don’t get stunned as well.

We’ve gotten these down effortlessly now.

Assign your 3 MTs to them, and THEN assign a back up tank to each in case Bronze power hits the tank immediately, so that they can taunt them before they reach your healers and DPS. We also assign a dedicated healer to each MT to prevent too much shifting healing overlap and having one unlucky tank die.

Full or heavy mitigation gear with a shield is recommended for your MTs (or OTs at least), and entering the fight with a Free Action Potion for initial threat, mitigation, and establishing the elemental weakness.

If your first target causes the MT to spin, keep melee off of it and let the ranged kill it, and have melee move over to the next to prevent them from absorbing too much healing or dying outright.

Make sure they’re spread out for cleaves. GG EZ like this. The Bronze brood power that causes the tanks to whirlwind is insanely busted, since you can get it spammed on you. I got CC’d by it for 24 seconds straight on Ebonroc’s pull.

Free Action Potion.
Two tanks on the Wyrmguards with Bronze or Green empowerments.
Melee don’t help kill Bronze empowerment.
Have relevant vulnerabilities alternate targets to reduce threat output, e.g. Fireball a fire vulnerability once, then swap targets, and repeat.

You can still use Mages on them for arcane.
Missles suck up mana but they hit really hard.

We still are better for arcane or nature!
We also are immunes to Nef class call.

Yes, moonkin is the new meta in BWL.