BWL announcement early December

They already told you.

But they are refering to this comment.

I think this is a type-o and is supposed to say Janurary.


“Early 2020” is about as exact as Blizzard gets until about two weeks before they do something.

I get it - the blue post was made in nov and that line implies an update to the release date from ‘early 20/20’ to an ‘exact timestamp’ would be released in early December.

Yeah sorry if I sound kinda contrary here because I’d like an exact date too but that’s how Blizzard operates.

Knowing when your going to release content that was created 15 years ago. For a game you knew your were recreating 2 years ago. Is a reach apparently. If they had just said every 4 months we’re releasing content. That would have been sufficient. But this whimsical whenever we end up feeling pressured i guess we’ll release content type attitude seems nuts.


But they have already made significant changes to their release schedule. Just remember we arn’t even supposed to have bg’s yet.

They said they were going to try and recreate the feel of the original release schedule. People leveled to 60 and cleared T1 content much more quickly than anyone expected, even the people who expected it to be done quickly.

Aka, whenever we end up feeling pressured we’re going to release content.

People definitely knew that leveling was going to be this fast, go look at the forums all of this year before launch lol. Every single person who played on a private server knew what was going to happen. And thats a ton of people.

I’d be happy with an announcement that theyre delaying the announcement :stuck_out_tongue:

Must have zero clue what it actually takes to make, run, and update Classic. It’s not just “her der 15 year old game dddeeerrrrr”.

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I’m not talking about making, running, just updating timestamps. Nice reach though mate.

They update when they know. They gave exactly the informtion they stated they would. Not knowing wth ur talking about aside, they don’t know when an exact date because they don’t know when they can have most of the bugs out and such. They gave the information they had. And it’s not good enough cause “her der 15 year old game and I know better than the company” morons. So, it wasn’t a reach at all. Reading comprehension just isn’t your forte is all.

When they say exact timestamp for a release early December and the year ends with not so much as a message about delay its pretty F’in annoying.

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The title of the Blue post is “Classic Content Unlocking in December.”

The post goes on to talk about all the content unlocking in December, with a short addendum about BWL and the Darkmoon Faire.


Was referring to this:

I disagree, the exact time of WSG/AV was already known. Doesnt make sense to say theyll have an update early December for BGs when the date and time was known.

I mean i could be wrong, but it seems the general consensus was the content being BWL/DMF…

They said exact timestamp, which was given in that patch notes post on December 8th. The exact time wasn’t known until then.

Kaivax could very easily clarify this if he cared, but you know, that would take 10 seconds of his time so don’t expect it.

8.3 is in like 2 weeks so BWL will be a month after that. my guess is last wk of February.

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We don’t need an exact date. We could have it narrowed down for us though. We won’t get that because blizzard isn’t planning anything out. They didn’t beta test enough of the game.

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blizzard plz