Buying pet supplies in bulk

Sometimes I am able to buy battle stones in bulk, but 95% of the time I can’t, shift click purchasing is supposed to work for the pet supply vendors right? Am I missing something?

Strange! I just checked and it’s working fine for me on all the different stones. Cursor over the item, hold down shift and left-click. Can fill in the quantity you want or use the left and right arrows to adjust it.

Don’t think I’ve ever had any problems with it.

Me either. I specifically remember a few months ago I had to buy a fistful of Flawless Marked stones to blue up a bunch of wild captures, and shift-select multibuying worked just fine in my garrison.

Maybe it’s an issue for a particular vendor? Or perhaps there’s an addon interfering.

Ive used the addon bulk buy for years to do this

yeah I have no idea why it only works some times, I wonder if there are addons that are breaking it, I’m going to try the bulk buy addon.

Have you tried bulk buying without addons enabled?

Is your shift key working properly? I know how this one sounds LOL but I am going through keyboard issues myself and it just popped into my head

Do you have enough charms for what you are trying to buy? Again, silly question I know but history has shown me basic troubleshooting resolves far more than advanced stuff

Shift works properly, I have plenty of charms. Like I was saying it works from time to time, but then doesn’t work most of the time. I suspect it is some sort of addon conflict. I downloaded the bulk buy addon and it all works as it should now.

ive used the Bulk buy addon for so long , i dont know if there is default behavior, i mean there should be, but you know, small Indie company.