Button Bloat Reduction Macros

I know mileage may vary but the more I play my MW Monk the more I find myself relying on macros to reduce my required key binds. Figured I would share some that I have come to rely on hoping that others may benefit from it or others might be inspired to share their ideas.

Dispel, Rez, ToD, Mass Rez all in one button.

/cast [@mouseover,help, nodead] Detox;[@mouseover,help, dead] Resuscitate;[@target,harm, nodead] Touch of Death; Reawaken

(TFT if available) Essence Font

#showtooltip Essence Font
/cast Thunder Focus Tea
/cast Essence Font

I combine most of my heals and dps spells to make fistweaving easier.

/use [@mouseover,help,nodead] Enveloping Mist; [harm, nodead] Rising Sun Kick; [help,nodead][@player] Enveloping Mist

Also stole this from another commenter on here, Ill edit and add credit once i find their name.
Psychi was his name.

for BrM BoB

/castsequence reset=15 Celestial Brew, Black Ox Brew
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