But like what’s the point of getting rid of strider water walking?

Because the mount gear system can be time gated and the equipment reset with new expansions to inhibit your ability to water walk, or avoid dazing until they’ve decided you deserve to have them. Letting waterstrider keep water walking restricts the ways blizzard can limit your mobility and slow you down in future expansions.


This is not true.

  1. You get waterwalking on all your toons for free if you already have the strider.
  2. Once you buy it you have it for all of your toons.
  3. Mount Equipment unlocks at level 20

I didn’t hear about this part. I knew you got it on one character for free, but for all of them? That’s news to me. Because last I heard the equipment was character specific


Mount Equipment is BOA

The equipment, or the slot?

If I equip the ww to one character, does every character get ww?

Here is the blue post, looks like both.


Makes it sounds like the equipment and not the slot

Because the point is to make it so the strider isn’t the go to water walking mount. Leaving it the same would mean default mount equipment would be the anti-daze, and people would just use the strider for water. In other words it wouldn’t change the current situation of striders being everywhere.

Because it’s part of Blizz’s goal of not allowing us to play how WE want to play, rather how THEY want us to play.

It’s been said before that Blizz will be the true WoW-killer, and if they keep THAT design philosophy up, it will be absolutely true.


The slot opens at level 20 and the equipment is BOA. I’m not sure what the issue is here.

The issue for me is I don’t wanna pay out money for every alt. I’m an altaholic and broke


You just mail the item to them. I doubt it’s going to cost much. TBH it’ll probably go into an heirloom slot or something similar. I doubt we’ll end up with bags upon bags of mount equipment.

I heard it was 70g (if you hit exalted). My main doesn’t even have 5k

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I cant get to level 40 without having 1-4k gold. How do you not have 70g per toon?

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Teach me your ways. I barely get enough to learn riding

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Just sell the green and blue BOE items and mats you get for 20-30g on the AH. Vendor trash.

Wait people buy those? Damn i have been missing on free money

They buy them for enchanting mats and transmog. If you farm platekinis you can get 30k per set.

That makss sense. I forgot how much money can be made on low level crafting regents

I didn’t know this.

So the Waterstrider will still be able to water stride? Good.