Busy Student LF Home

After watching blizzcon, I’ve gotten the wow itch again, so here I am.
Don’t think I can handle anything hardcore right now. Maybe just a nice group of peoples (Ideally around my age (23) but that’s pretty minor) to do the occasional m+ or raid, and distract me from school haha.
I’m a healer main at heart, but have a decent number of characters at max so I can play whatever.
Hmu on discord (Daiire#5092) if you think I’ll be a good fit!

:heart:, Matt

I am a student too! im 20 (almost 21) I am a guild master to “KawaiiAlliance” we are small, have raids but know eachother and are helpfull. LillianWolfe is my DK on ravencrest that owns the guild :slight_smile: check us out