Busting Busts: Banned and Unbanned

Recently, Blizzard banned a bunch of players for editing models. Some players changed their models such that they were given advantages in PvP, and we all support their banning.

It’s the other people who got banned, and later reinstated that got me thinking. People had used their model editing skills to change their own models without affecting other’s game experience at all, customizing their characters in ways not available to the rest of us. I say, good on you Blizz! Character customization through hair, skin tone and equipment transmogrification is a big part of the World of Warcraft experience! The people who got unbanned were, a lot of them anyway, probably not all, were modifying their character models in ways … erm, well … ways Blizzard understandably wouldn’t want to make open to everyone due to the somewhat 18+ nature of some of those modifications. Fair enough, I get it.

But the whole topic got me thinking: if players are capable of changing their character’s models, to what extent can they do this? Are we talking simple re-colors to … erm, alter what one looks like sans armor? Or can you guys make other changes too?

Specifically, I’m looking at the female gnome. Is it possible for someone to give them hips and a waist? The way it is right now, the adult female gnome has a disturbingly toddler-esque torso with some (not sure if using certain words here will get this post flagged, so, figure it out)'s pasted on like an afterthought. Could someone please figure out how to make my gnome look like a grown up?

On a similar topic, since it comes up every couple of years and Blizzard appears intent on ignoring it, how about some female cat and bear forms? I mean, if I wanted to play a male night elf, don’t you think I would have rolled a male night elf? Or is it part of Azeroth lore that Cenarious is a rather blatant misogynist and only accepts males into his service?

Well, I just looked up some material on it, and you can edit the torso. Or could.

//www ownedcore com /forums/world-of-warcraft/world-of-warcraft-model-editing/

I’m looking forward to official Blizzard tools to do the same thing.

Since obviously you don’t want to do this sort of thing now or you will get banned.

Thought the flying book mount was pretty impressive. Now, I just want to be able to use /sleep on a flying rug mount so I can have a soft place for my character to sleep.