Busted Set-up for raid?

Let’s be friends, Frosties!!

Basically 6 feeder hunters and 18 frost mages, two tanks, 4 priests for PI rotation. Heroic insanity :smiley:

Is the FM bug still happening where it doesn’t work if there’s more than 2 Mages swapping? Was an issue a few months back but haven’t heard anything since.

Best of luck with it though!

Yes, it’s still a bug.

I have no idea why FM exists as a talent. It was dead on arrival for Fire/Arcane and has completely fallen off for Frost as well.

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Because they had to think of something a week before launch. I mean they could easily try to balance it out with the other talents, but then they have shown no interest in doing that for any other talents for Mages so why start now?

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