Burning Crusade Classic Summer Events

People have jobs you know? Not everyone can hit 70 in just 3 weeks and theres lot of people like me who are still leveling there pallys/shamans.


-Complains that casuals aren’t dedicated enough to deserve fun

-Sobs about the pressure to level in the prepatch.

Got it, you need Blizzard to coddle you, you sweaty baby.


Apparently productive means blowing through an entire expansion worth of content in two weeks so you can spend two years complaining in the forums about having to wait for wotlkc to come out.


I am pleased that we will still be able to participate in this event, even if it’s a month late. I think the rationale is absolutely baffling but that’s a separate issue. If 20 July is deemed plenty of time to get a character (or two) up to level 70 can I safely assume that Brewfest will be released on time? And if not, can we get notice about it before the event starts on the live and classic era servers?

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I work full time, what’s your point?

niceeee lets go!

Not everyone has the same amount of time to play games lmao its not that hard to understand


I don’t think that though, I’m pretty happy with my game progress, however I happen to have a lot of free time to be able to get there, I have self admittedly not been productive in the real world XD. Most players with jobs and families don’t have a fraction of the time to churn out 24hrs of continuous play in 2 weeks

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10 characters

Then they shouldn’t get special treatment. Moving an event back for the casuals is ridiculous.

But they should since a majority of the playerbase is casual or semi casual. Just cause you finished all P1 content in 3 weeks doesnt mean they should cater the game to people who can no life since they dont make even half the playerbase.


So are we going to have the Fireworks Spectacular on July 4th or has that also been delayed?

:grinning: ok

Or raids opening.

I hope not. I got mine originally. There are MANY pets and mounts I missed out on, so the very few I have that are special are important to me.

2 weeks was plenty of time. TBC > Prepatch.

Looking forward to getting my spirit of competition tabard again just like I did the first time!

Can’t wait to see what changes might be added for this years summer olympics

LOL I work 2 jobs and still hit 70 in a week. U playing like 10 min a day?

Just a hour or so a day. Keep in mind not everyone has the same schedule as you. Lets assume you work full time and part time in the other job thats about 12 hours of working a day. Meaning you have only 12 hours left before the next day starts. Generally people get 7 hours of sleep each night (though they should get more) so thats just 5 hours you have left to eat, maybe do some chores etc. Now assuming you did dedicate the last 5 hours of your day to playing tbc that would make some sense.

But keep in mind not everyone wants to no life a game just like you since your working part time and assuming full time that means you dedicated most of your time awake outside of your job to playing a game. And thats fine but not everyone can do the same. And a lot of people (Like myself) have rerolled since I was pretty new to classic and only got in about a month before TBC was announced.

So I am a bit behind I dont particularly care much though. At the end of the day blizzard shouldnt ever cater to the hardcore players since they dont make up a majority of the playerbase who happen to generally be casual.