Burning Crusade Classic Realm Consolidation August 9

Says who? Your inferred meaning around a subjective, qualitative description appears to have done you no favors.

Sulfuras is an existing server.

and “new” is relative

They were available everyone on horde was talking about it for like a week in trade chat. Blizzard never annouced but the option was there. I made an alliance char just to go tell them, but they didnt seem to care. Not saying it was handled well at all.

When can we expect the fresh servers?

Looks like Earthfury was mistakenly taken down.
Burning Crusade Classic Realm Consolidation – Earthfury

Wait? They were almost all moved to Sulfuras?

The server with 0 ally and a horde pop that has lost 75% in 4 months and seems on the fast train to deadsville?

I’m not sure what I expected but that seems…definitely not what I expected.

FWIW, merging/connecting Old Blanchy, Azuresong, and Myzrael would still create a fairly healthy mid-size server that might survive and even flourish in Wrath (and all west coast pve to boot). On their own they’re probably each doomed to something between malaise and outright death.


So, in the original post there was mention of Normal realms having transfers opened that would also be announced, is that still the case? cause there is less than 50 friendlies in shattrath at peak hours over here on myzrael and I’d love to have more than 3 guilds to pick from :confused:

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Earthfury will get back soon

Myzrael needs to be merged bad, less than 700 total (A & H) at any given time


I dont know where to start. Im from Deviant Delight and RPPVP server. Thought for sure everything wouod be moved to grob. I moved all my 70s still have a few 60+ levels i kept there to just go down with the ship. Made a lot of gold farming a dead server. Cant complain to much was a fun meta whike it lasted and im happy its fixed before wrath. Plus i dont want them to have to pay for extra servers. I want tbc era servers. Maybe this will make that cheaper to do. I xfered about a buch of toons to grob for free then i randomly got charged twice to go to a free server (no refunds) then i xfered more toons to grob for free after i compalined. They also took away the feature to buy clones like two weeks early. Thought i had the 9th i set a petiton they left me on read for days just ignoring me. Feels like bliz hates me. And now i have 3 guild banks 2 with 4 tabs one with 6 all on a horde server where my lil ally toons are gonna get farmed. Was never told about anything i took everything valube i had off. But the fact that there was no comunacation. On all fronts is insane handled so bad. With no thoughts of the players in mind. Sulfras is just gonna be the next server to die . I was up until 3 am xfering more toons more mats. I still dont know whats going to happen to my names. I still dont know anything. Still cant seem any of my toons im sure i wont know from two weeks from now anyway im not happy.


So convinced to come back for Wrath and join my son and his guild and find my server, all my characters and my main. Mounts, epic flying, gold, just gone. All that hard work. Glad I only spent a token and did not resub. Thanks @Blizzard_Ent @Warcraft :+1: Fairbanks isnt even on this list. RiP this character that still has a profile on this website.


Hey Blizz! You keep sending us emails to come back to the game but you can’t be troubled to send an email to warn us of this! How God damn pathetic of you!


this is the last time you get any money from me. you guys have a game manger and can’t even use it right to let your player know about this stupid a** move. I still have 4 month on my sub but am done with your bull S***.


If my characters are going to be unavailable for 2 weeks can you at least pause our time we paid to play? I don’t play retail I only play classic. Also I was on a west coast server why am I being consolidated to an east coast server? I assume we can transfer off after the consolidation to a time zone more fitting to where I live?


Why the hell wasn’t this communicated in the battle.net client? We went to play on Kromcrush tonight and found our characters missing and now I dig up a blue post on google telling me my character may be unavailable for two weeks. Great job.


“New to them” is a valid intent for the word new. I can feel all of these hairs being split all around me, and the Force is crying out in pain.

I can get a Fathead poster of Andrew Keegan delivered to my home within 2 days, but Blizzard can’t transfer my characters in under 2 weeks. Also an in-game announcement would have been nice. I don’t patrol the forums just in case blizz decides to lock me out for half a month.

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I wish layering was expanded and there would simply be just one realm: World of Warcraft. One less massive barrier to playing with others and friends.

I mean, they literally said almost 2 months ago that Kromcrush was getting moved on August 9th. They just didn’t say where to.

You had plenty of heads up lmao