Burning Crusade Classic Realm Consolidation August 9

I moved all of my characters to Earthfury last night. Now can’t play any of them…


Wow, that’s bad.

I wonder where you’ll end up?


Earthfury was consolidated with 0 warning. I went through the in game shop to transfer my character but its requiring I pay the 25 dollar character transfer fee.


Huh, no mention of Earthfury.

And this NEVER happened. I recall making many requests for more details. A number of other folks did, too.

This is catastrophically bad.


Please, can you expect a team of a couple people re-releasing a 14 year old game to take a few minutes to write up which servers people are being merged into?

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Confirmed already coming.

i cant see any of my characters that were moved what gives

If they moved them for you, you won’t see them until they’ve completed whatever it is they are doing.

Make some noise. Threads starting on Reddit. Probably Twitter, too.


This one is up, so at the end I can only laugh for the ppl doing this job.

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What happened to Earthfury? They never mentioned it and my chars just gone


I think the hamster that powered that server fell off the wheel.


Same here. The original post here says that it may take up to two weeks before characters show up again. I’m hoping its much sooner than that.

Hey Blizz… We are still waiting on that full list of retiring realms and their destinations.
It is the day of the realm consolidation, and the list still hasn’t been provided.


What happened is that Blizzard hates you and they needed to give you a reminder to ensure that you understood this.


As usual, Blizzard treat us like mushrooms. Same in the EU too, we get this tomorrow.

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Update – August 9 – 10:15 a.m. PDT

Realm consolidations are underway and characters remaining on the following realms are being moved:

Original Realm Destination Realm
Felstriker Yojamba
Anathema Sulfuras
Arcanite Reaper Sulfuras
Bigglesworth Sulfuras
Blaumeux Sulfuras
Deviate Delight Sulfuras
Fairbanks Sulfuras
Heartseeker Sulfuras
Herod Sulfuras
Incendius Sulfuras
Kirtonos Sulfuras
Kromcrush Sulfuras
Kurinnaxx Sulfuras
Loatheb Sulfuras
Netherwind Sulfuras
Rattlegore Sulfuras
Skeram Sulfuras
Smolderweb Sulfuras
Stalagg Sulfuras
Sul’thraze Sulfuras
Thalnos Sulfuras
Thunderfury Sulfuras

Looool so just Sulfuras I guess

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Wait, so it’s not coming back?

What’s going on over there.


I was provided no context on how my guild bank would be managed during the transfer. Should I be expecting to see my guild bank, the contents within it, and the gold stored to be moved along with my character ?


I asked about this a number of times. I’m pretty sure guilds and guild banks get nuked with the transfer.

Anticipating this, I emptied my guild bank and created bank toons.