Burning Crusade Classic Patch 2.5.2 Content Timeline

oh heck ya

Dual spec pleaseeeeeeee. This will create so much more engagement in pvp raids and dungeons.

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I will ask for one tiny QoL feature : Scanning for both Herbs and Mines at the same time on the minimap. It’s a tiny thing which I’ve band-aid with a mod, but I’d rather have the real thing in-game. Does not affect balance in any way, shape of form. It’s insignificant compared to the changes already introduced in TBCC and Dual-Spec, should it ever get implemented (and why not, honestly? I don’t really care, but it would help some class tremendously).

Im done wi

all Oceanic glad spots are sold / reserved for a small group of people and their friends using various teams to gate keep everyone else out of it.

Are you guys going to do anything about it?


Updated the original post. The Arena season will end at 10:00 p.m. PDT (1:00 a.m. EDT).

yet here you are paying them anyways.

Does this time apply for OCE realm too


Please consider a separate cut off for OCE. A lot of people get their weekly games in on a Tuesday evening and will miss points this week.


Ending season at 3pm server time for OCE is an awful last minute decision. So many people que up for points on Tuesday evening.

Not to mention anyone trying to do a last night push for titles needs to be unemployed to do so.

Please delay OCE season end until at least 10pm our time.


3PM AUD time - when will blizzard take the OCE community seriously and detach us from USD time - cmon bruh


Terrible decisionmaking from you guys yet again.

Not only did we not know we had our own ladder until this week (something you said you’d discuss in JUNE), you didn’t even announce it and now you’re shaving a further half a day off the season for OCE? Absolute incompetence.


Please consider finishing OCE season at the usual time, I work 3 jobs 9 - 9 6 days a week and I get all of my games done in one sweaty tuesday night session. Gonna miss out all on all of my points and gear this week </3


Thanks for updating OCE last minute. This is a working day and you’ve provided no time to coordinate.


Ay, nice update mate. You devs, social coords and idea men, really know how to run the show. Once again, out of touch 40 year olds who still think game magazine and cheat books are the way communicate important updates and changes, forgetting that the internet exists until literally 2 hours before the change is meant to go live.



Where’s the notice for OCE? No points this week now!!


KEKW there’s more time between the previous season end and the new one (~10 hours), than there was between the edited announcement and the new season end time (~6 hours)


This was an actual embarrassment, and I seriously mean it when I say you should feel ashamed of this level of mismanagement.

How many people went without points this week?


Its a yikes from me. This company is a joke. All you have to do is literally follow what your prior developers did over a decade ago and you can’t even manage that.

Do you guys just roll dice every Monday or something?

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Just wondering, S1 ended half day earlier for OCE players. All team rankings is now 0.

Do we still be able to get points for this week?